After watching the preseason for three weeks, one idea stays a constant theme. With the season ahead and so much riding on this season, an injury to Derek Carr destroys this year. Meanwhile, the two playing current occupying the other quarterback roster spots continue to disappoint. With that said, the Raiders need to probably look elsewhere for passing depth.

NYJ Teddy Bridgewater
During preseason, Bridgewater restarted his career in New York. After a devastating knee injury, Bridgewater entered camp with an eye on a backup role. Meanwhile, the Jets drafted Sam Darnold, and they remain focused on his development. Yet, what may scare the Raiders away could be the asking price. The Jets fully know what the Raiders employ behind Carr. Furthermore, they own the leverage. If the Raiders could package a third-rounder with Shilique Calhoun, the Jets could listen.

PIT Landry Jones
While the name may not ring a bell for many, the five-year vet can play. While not spectacular, Jones makes sound decisions. Under those circumstances, he would fit right in as a perfect Gruden backup. Behind Carr, Jones would learn the intricacies of the offense and give the Raiders a sound backup. Jones possesses a decent arm and touch. Playing behind Roethlisberger is a rough job. With Oakland, Jones would make Gruden rest easy. In addition, Jones’ age (29) and low mileage (only 9 sacks), make him an intriguing post-cutdown day signing.

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FA Colin Kaepernick
While Mike Glennon and immobile, stiff passers continue to cash checks, Kaepernick sits home. Now, if you look solely at the backups, is he much better than Manuel or Cook? Of course, he is. Kaepernick does possess a strong arm and mobility to elude the rush. In addition, his nimbleness allows him to create throwing lanes for his passes.
Granted, many in the fanbase would object.
However, if Kaepernick sat on the bench that means Carr played an entire season. No one says that Colin Kaepernick warrants or deserves a starting spot. If he truly wants to play, Oakland would be smart to bring him in. In all honesty, have either Manuel or Cook showed any flashes of improvement?

In reality, Jon Gruden said that his backup quarterbacks might not even be on the roster. Why not take a flyer on these options? If the Raiders can swing budget-friendly deals, these three would dramatically upgrade the roster.

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