Granted, Khalil Mack and the Raiders remain apart on negotiating a contract extension. Yes, that is what I said, an extension. Currently, Mack is under contract. If you listen to the cavernous echo chamber of derpery, known as social media, facts become obscured. For Mack and the Raiders, the situation remains interesting. However, for the rational few, the issue resides between unnerving and concerning. Meanwhile, national, other local media, and fans appear to use Mack as a content card to play.


National Updates
In all fairness, the NFL preseason can tax anyone’s talent, patience, and ability to rationally think. Yet, content needs production and hot takes need dispensing. With that said, every five minutes, Twitter alerts fly across my phone with news.
“Some team discussed trading for Khalil Mack”
In reality, thirty-one teams can pick up the phone and call Oakland to inquire. In contrast, people forget that a phone call and niceties do not result in an actual offer. Certain sites are fooling readers with speculation. In addition, it would make zero sense to trade Mack since the Raiders would never receiver equal value in return. So, if you see a team interested, make sure that concrete trade parts are mentioned. Otherwise, it remains speculation.

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“The price will face”
Provided that those who utter this point can comprehend reading. First, Khalil Mack is 27 years old and the most versatile pass rusher in foot. Second, the Raiders would need a team to turn over their future draft haul in exchange.


On the other hand, fans continue to embarrass themselves with a nonstop stream of poor takes. From “Khalil Mack owes the team and the fanbase” to “He’s not a team player”
Mack wants a raise commensurate with his production. How many of us think we are underpaid? Therefore, it makes sense that a player would desire a long-term pay increase. However, some in the fanbase cannot see it that way. Instead, Mack gets to wear the dreaded selfish tag.

No One Knows

Whether Mack is traded, one thing remains clear. : No one knows what will happen. IF you believe some of the refuse that passes for actual news, that speaks volumes. The Raiders and Khalil Mack will probably hammer out a deal. If they do not, then people can express all of their emotions. Now, it feels like a petty, attention-seeking exercise.


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