We have made it to the final tune-up to the regular season. This week the Kansas City meets Green Bay in a matchup where both teams will hardly play any starters. There are still important roster bubble spots up for grabs though, so let’s take a look at what fans could watch for in the Chiefs vs Packers game.

Who Steps Up?

The Chiefs need someone to step up for defensive depth, most noticeably in the secondary. In last week’s performance against the Chicago Bears, backups didn’t help. The depth just doesn’t seem to be there like years past and Eric Berry has not stepped on the practice field for nearly three weeks. Guys like Tremon Smith and Arrion Springs are just a couple of guys that could end up having a good game if they receive significant playing time.

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Will Litton Go Off?

At this point, it looks like Chase Litton has a pretty good shot to make the team over Matt McGloin. Litton may get a chance to play at least a half, and if he continues to play well, the play of those other roster bubble guys could be elevated when it needs to be. For example, Marcus Kemp had a big touchdown last week, a guy who is definitely right on the bubble for a wide receiver spot. Litton has a cannon too, so maybe we will see a couple of bombs from him in this one.

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How Aggressive Do the Chiefs Get?

Without any starters, it will be interesting to see if the younger guys get to go all out or play more vanilla. The Chiefs have already started to gameplan for the Week 1 matchup against the Chargers, so this game is not the main focus. Bob Sutton is an aggressive type of play caller on defense, so there may still be a good share of blitzes. Eric Bieniemy is also still working towards getting completely ready as the offensive coordinator. We’ll find out on Thursday night.

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