The Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns tied. A tie always feels like kissing your cousin, but when it comes to a division rival it is even worse. However, for Steelers fans, a full season is ahead to wash that taste out of their mouths.

One thing that will help fans take that taste away was the performance of T.J. Watt. Remember, last year it was Watt is his rookie debut showcasing an interception and a sack in the same game. This was the first time that had occurred from a rookie. The debut highlighted a strong rookie season with seven sacks.

For his encore, Watt is ready to take the NFL by storm. In a stormy Cleveland, T.J. Watt was everywhere and made every play for the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. They would have lost surely without his efforts.

Watt posted 11 tackles, four going for a loss. That is impressive until you see that he posted an unreal four sacks. What? He came up with sack after sack, stuff after stuff to deny the Browns of ever having a lead in this game.

In fact, it was literally the hand of T.J. Watt that denied the Browns from having a lead at the end of the game. On top of an elite performance that will surely win him AFC Defensive Player of the Week, Watt capped it off with a special teams block with time running out in over time.

Yes, Watt, with his big Watt hands broke through the line one more time to swat the ball down and ensure a tie. There was no stopping Watt. Whether it be against the run, pass or even special teams. After his strong debut, last year led to a solid rookie season, who knows what he is in store for in 2018 with the start that he had today in Cleveland.

News and Notes

James Conner led the way for the Pittsburgh Steelers, filling the Le’Veon Bell role as the every-down runner. Conner ran the ball 31 times for 135 yards and two touchdowns. Even wilder was five catches for 57 yards. Without a catch, in his rookie year, this was some impressive feat. Did he just put the pressure on Le’Veon Bell?

Joe Haden left the game with a hamstring injury. He did not return, leaving Cameron Sutton across from Artie Burns on the outside. Sutton had ups, intercepting Tyrod Taylor to force overtime. However, he also had downs and gave up the game tying touchdown to Josh Gordon.

The Steelers turned the football over a whopping five times and still managed a tie. That featured three first-half interceptions from Ben Roethlisberger. A James Conner fumble changed momentum and let the Browns back into the game up 21-7, and fourth Roethlisberger interception led to the blocked kick in overtime.


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