Julien BriseBois is in, and Steve Yzerman is out as general manager of the Tamp Bay Lightning.

Yzerman informed Tampa Bay players on Tuesday that he’s stepping aside as GM. Yzerman, 53, plans to stay with the team as an advisor.

Tampa Bay reached the postseason five years under Yzerman. The Lightning made strong pushes to win the Stanley Cup, but they haven’t had enough to win it in the Yzerman Era. Tampa Bay won one out of four Eastern Conference finals. When the Lightning advanced to the finals in 2015, they lost to the Chicago Blackhawks in six games.


A star player with the Detroit Red Wings, Yzerman entered the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2009 and became Lightning general manager a year later.

BriseBois, 41, won the Calder Cup as a player and is seen as a rising executive in the NHL.

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