Cowboys Enemy Spotlight: Landon Collins


After a dreadful week one performance in Carolina, the Cowboys will look to right the ship at home against the Giants on Sunday night. Both teams enter the game 0-1, and with the Redskins and Eagles being 1-0 this could be a big game for both teams early in the season.

One thing we learned from Sunday is that this defense is legit, so we shouldn’t have to worry about New York’s offense putting up a lot of points, but another thing we learned is that the Dallas offense is far from good. Only managing eight points last weekend will win very few games in the NFL.

Unfortunately for Dallas, the Giants have some studs on the defensive side of the ball as well, while they don’t have a Luke Kuechly, they do have an all-pro safety in Landon Collins.

The 2015 second-rounder had his career-best season in 2016 tallying exactly 100 tackles, four sacks, and five interceptions, earning him his first of two pro bowl seasons and his lone all-pro nod.

Although 2017 was a step in the wrong directions statistically for Collins, fully expect him to be a thorn in the Dallas offense’s side on Sunday. Also, looking through the schedule, Collins will be one of the most talented safeties the Cowboys face in 2018 (Mathieu, Jenkins).

Collins is dangerous because not only can he cover receivers, he can also play the running game exceptionally well and make Ezekiel Elliott’s day a long one if he isn’t accounted for by the offensive line.

Collins also knows the importance of stopping Elliott, earlier today when asked about stopping Zeke the Giants safety said, “I think we have a better shot of winning” if the ball is in Dak Prescott’s hands rather than in the belly of Elliott. (Via Jordan Raanan)

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This week it’s simple for Dallas. Run the ball, win the game. As much as you’d like to dispute Collins’ comments you can’t help but agree with him, that’s no shot at Dak, but this team is built on running the ball and if they can’t do that effectively then they will be in big trouble.

Sunday’s game isn’t technically a ‘must-win’ but with the 1-0 starts from Washington and Philadelphia, if they were to each win and the Cowboys suffer a defeat to the Giants and fall to last place they’ll find themselves in a deep hole early in the 2018-2019 season.

The Cowboys offensive coaching staff and players have heard how bad everyone thinks they are and they’ll be out to prove the talking heads wrong, and they will. Cowboys win 24-13.

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