When the Raiders fell at home to the Rams, the topic began to slowly turn towards the Broncos. With that said, how does Jon Gruden adjust on the fly? Here are the ways.

Find Cooper

Yesterday, Gruden mentioned seeing the All-22 footage. In the footage, Cooper beat the corner and looked open deep. However, Carr did not spot him and did not bother to look his way. If it means lining him up in different spot, or sending him in motion, do it. With Denver lacking the inside push, Carr will step up and find Cooper vertically.

Same Energy

Over the first fifteen plays, the Raiders looked sharp and they took intermediate to deep shots. On the other hand, that dissipated quickly. In that case, Gruden became conservative. Moreover, Lynch, Richard, and Martin tallied 20 carries for 85 yards and a score. With the hungry Denver rush, running the ball often slow them down.

Jordy Nelson

Sending Jordy Nelson on vertical routes in a waste. Why not work him underneath?

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Reggie and Frostee

After a combined quarter century in the league, the career bell needs to toll for Reggie Nelson and Frostee Rucker. Nelson cannot cover ground and Rucker cannot shed blocks. While both are veteran leader types, their playing days appear over.


Despite being healthy, Karl Joseph did not start. Gruden claim that Reggie Nelson fit the matchup better. Joseph is younger and faster. Moreover, how many times did the Rams test Nelson?


This week, the Raiders brought Martavis Bryant in. While the complete story surrounding his return remains fishy, Bryant gives the Raiders a big play threat. Under those circumstances, can Carr get him the ball?

Know Your Personnel

Granted, we all know the veterans on the offense should lead this team. However, the Raiders employ a very young but talented defensive line. First, the best thing that helps is long drives. If the Raiders keep stalling out on offense, the defensive line will fall apart. Tired legs, despite their age remain tired.

In essence, Monday’s game showed a quick glimpse into the new Raiders. Initially, Jon Gruden’s playcalling and scheme construction worked well. However, he fell back into stale habit and uninventive coaching. With these tips, Gruden can hopefully win a few games early.

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