Amari is from African-Yoruba origins and means “strength”. The Oakland Raiders, however, changed the definition of Amari to “invisible”. Moreover, the horrendous usage of the Silver & Black’s top wide receiver continues.

Sorry, Amari Cooper. Signed, RaiderNation.

Pegged as the focal point of the Raiders aerial attack by lightning rod of a head coach Jon Gruden, Cooper appeared to run routes for mere exercise in the season-opener against the visiting Los Angeles Rams: one catch for 9 yards and one rushing attempt (jet sweep) for another nine.

Two touches for 18 yards (he did have a first-down catch wiped out by penalty) for the focal point.

There is a smell emanating from Alameda that smells a lot like nonsense. However, wait, even more malarkey!

“You look at the film, we had him wide open deep,” Gruden said of Cooper after practice on Wednesday. “We didn’t go there. He was open a couple of times and for whatever reason we didn’t go that route. Yeah, we want to get him going. That’s easier said than done now.”

Alright, this one, I do not consider manure. Unlike the fib Gruden apparently told regarding Cooper being the main artillery in the air attack, the coach hit the media with a truth bomb. What took former coach Jack Del Rio weeks to say, only took Gruden one measly game to determine: Coop can and will get open, but does the quarterback have the time, patience and vision to see No. 89 making a mockery of the opposing secondary? (The All-22 film backs up this claim as Coop smoked Aqib Talib in coverage).

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Look, I have no qualms about Gruden taking a “public” shot at Derek Carr with that quote regarding Cooper. There is an unwritten rule in the Coaching for Dummies that states do not make criticism public. Either this fires up Carr or causes his catalytic converter to fail (this analogy exists because the CC in my car is on its way out).

Step up or ship out. Gruden has already shown no reserve in waxing an integral component of the team if he deems it unfit — You know whom I am referring to. In case you need a hint, his name rhymes with sack.

Because if what took place last Monday Night occurs again, Cooper should start running straight to the sideline and taking a seat on the bench instead of running his route. Why? Derek Carr’s favorite receiver — other than tight end Jared Cook who had a tremendous season-opener — is the sideline/out-of-bounds.

Surely, the re-addition of Martavis Bryant comes out of nowhere. After his release after being “outplayed” by undrafted free agent Keon Hatcher, the speed demon returned to the Raiders. With a potential suspension still looming and unresolved, MB is looked at as the lid-lifter on offense.

“He is really going to take the top off of defenses,” Cooper said referring to Bryant. “We’re excited. He is a guy that’s going to really open things up for us.”

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