The Buffalo Bills fall to 0-2 on the season after losing on their turf for the first time this season to the Los Angeles Chargers. The Bills dug themselves into a deep hold heading into halftime, down 28-6. The Bills played better football in the second half, but nothing big to make a comeback.

The Good

Josh Allen had a different outcome in this game than Nathan Peterman did last season. Peterman threw five interceptions in one half against the Chargers last season. Allen threw for 245 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Peterman has a total of 276 passing yards in the games he has started (three games). Allen showed off his athleticism and his ability to take control of the offense.

Also, Chris Ivory put the Bills in the touchdown column with their first touchdown of the season.


The Bad

The biggest moment of the game was Vontae Davis leaving the game at halftime, and come to find out that he decided to retire from the NFL at halftime.

The Bills are now thin at the cornerback position. Just when things could not get worse for the Bills…

The Bills now stand at 0-2 and have a rough two weeks coming their way as they are on the road to take the Minnesota Vikings next week and the Green Bay Packers after that. Allen should continue to get the start. Stay tuned.


Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage who covers the Buffalo Bills. Brandon can be followed on Twitter at @brandon_ray79 and @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage. 


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