The Full Press Coverage Redskins staffers dialogue the Redskins and Colts game and came away with the keys to victory for Washington in Week 2.

George Carmi:

Time of Possession is the key to a Redskins win on Sunday. I believe we saw the blueprint that Jay Gruden would like to replicate this season. Control the clock, pound the ball with AP and use the mismatches of Chris Thompson and Jordan Reed to his advantage.

If you think about it, that’s the strength of our team. A stout offensive line, strong defensive front, and chain movers on offense. We will never be a gunslinging team. We just aren’t built that way. Alex Smith will limit mistakes and take what the defense gives him.

Controlling the clock will also keep the ball out of Andrew Luck’s hands. The Colts proved that they aren’t afraid to throw by doing so 53 times last week. And there’s no need to worry about the Colts running backs. If Luck doesn’t have the ball, he can’t win. Therefore I give the nod to the ‘Skins.

Prediction: Redskins win 24-14.

Jack Brizendine:

In order to secure a victory over the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, the Washington Redskins must achieve certain goals on each side of the ball

Don’t let up on offense:

The Colts are a relatively weak team all around but they struggle most on the defensive side of the ball. The Redskins need to pound the ball with Peterson and Thompson, while also distributing the ball to their receiving playmakers, Jordan Reed, and Jamison Crowder.

Put Pressure on Andrew Luck:

Andrew Luck is not a bad Quarterback, but if he gets pressured consistently, he will make mistakes. Washington has the defensive line to get consistent pressure and the defensive secondary can make plays on the ball. The Redskins will have no trouble dealing with Luck if he doesn’t have all day to sit back in the pocket and survey the field.

I’m picking the Redskins to win this game, 31-14.


I think the main objective should be to pressure Andrew Luck. We need our D-Line to wreak havoc, forcing Luck out of the pocket. Along with that, we have to control TY Hilton and prevent that deep ball. Keep everything in front on defense. On offense: run game, run game, run game. Need to establish the run. Need to control time of possession again. We destroyed Arizona in TOP last week, and if we can do that again and keep the ball out of Luck’s hands, its a guaranteed victory. 2-0 and onto Green Bay.

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Ian Cummings:

On both sides of the ball, the Redskins need to control the middle of the field. The Colts have a group of young linebackers that can be exploited by the players like Chris Thompson and Jordan Reed.

The offensive game plan shouldn’t stray far from last week’s, aside from the necessary adjustments, to keep the Colts on their toes. On defense, the Redskins’ linebackers will need to be on top of their game in coverage.

In his first game back from injury, 26 of Andrew Luck’s 53 passes came 0-10 yards down the field in-between the hashes (per PFF). Luck only averaged eight yards per completion, but it doesn’t matter who he’s throwing to; Luck’s a great quarterback, and he can chip away at defenses over the middle of the field, much like the Redskins did to the Cardinals last week. I’m willing to bet the Redskins would rather not be given a taste of their own medicine.

Alan Lepore:

Stay with the Run It isn’t a secret that the Colts defense is underwhelming this year. The Cincinnati Bengals went on to prove that in their Week 1 victory against them by running the ball only 20 times and averaging 5.1 yards per carry.

If the Redskins can duplicate this, they will keep Andrew Luck and the Colts offense off the field for extended periods of time. Adrian Peterson showed last week that he still has plenty in the tank and is still willing to deliver pushing hits on opposing tacklers. That wear and tear on the Colts defense will allow for Alex Smith to take the shots deep that he was not able to take against Arizona.

Play action will be more effective and Jordan Reed could have a feast in the red zone. Drop 7 The Redskins are going to have to be able to get to Andrew Luck with only 3 to 4 rushers. Quinton Nelson showed last week why he was the first offensive lineman taken in the 2018 draft. He is a big boy who mauled Cincinnati’s beefy defensive tackles.

The right side of the Colts offensive line is still a weak point which could force a tight end, or running back, to stay in to block and give Luck fewer options in the passing game. Greg Manusky has also come up with a defensive rotation where none of the front four played more than 39 snaps (Preston Smith).

If he can keep that up and they can be efficient, Ryan Kerrigan and Matt Ioannidis should find it easy in the 3rd and 4th quarter to meet Luck in the backfield. If the front 4 are unable to get pressure on Luck early and often, it will be a shootout in the Redskins home opener.

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