As the Hot Boy$ set the tone for Cash Money Records and several iconic careers to come in the late 90s-early 2000s rap scene, the newly dominating DL group of the Dallas Cowboys have retained this image as a unit. Led by DeMarcus “Tank” Lawrence, they use this motivation to dictate the trenches. Six sacks & 1 forced fumble against a dreary Giants OL, the block is hot already even with a few missing within the group. As easy as the task may have been upfront for Dallas, the secondary had to be on their toes with the gifted skill set the Giants receivers possess. From possibly the most talented WR in Odell Beckham, and now to the most athletic freak in Saquon Barkley at the RB position, there are weapons locked and loaded across the whole field.

In hindsight, you may think that Eli throwing for 279 yards with a touchdown on 75% calls for a cause of concern for Cowboys DBs. Holding Odell, Shepard, and Engram all under a reception for 20 yards or more, and a couple of their longest coming in a garbage time drive (Engram – 18 & Odell – 17), credit is worthy for this group. As Chidobe Awuzie is usually claimed to be the #1 for this team, the expected uprising of Byron Jones at CB has taken off quickly.

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With the time lost in his first years as a safety, it’s more technical for Jones being the stud athlete he is. It’s the hands at the LOS, the hip control in and out of WR breaks, his eyes dictating how everything else happens, that will be necessary for him to become a great CB. Jones may have already taken a few of these steps that prove this is his natural position.

For example, Byron never settles on his heels and reads the WR feet by opening up his hips when Cody Latimer commits upfield. Leaving him step for step, his speed to not get beat over the top glues him to the WR all the way down the field.

Currently the second-highest rated CB by PFF with a 84.5 grade, Kris Richard may have unlocked a star to come in the future. In a night where no WR for New York reached over 100 yards and Beckham was held to simply 51, Jones was exceptional in a winning effort by the team as a whole.

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