Coming into week 2 of the NFL season, without Mariota, we knew that the defense was going to have to step up. Faced with a daunting task of containing Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, and Lamar Miller. The Titans defense would have their hands full, to say the least. Put the cherry on top with 3 of the Titans starting offensive lineman out against a terrorizing Texans defensive line. Talk about a disastrous prelude. An inevitable uphill battle laid ahead, but the Tricky Titans were up to the task.

Defensive Player of the Week

Before revealing the defensive player of the week, I should admit that this game was a total defensive effort. There’s no denying it, it was a gritty defensive performance. Ferocious pressure certainly helped the Titans throughout the game. Jurrell Casey was a standout performer from this past Sunday. Recording five tackles and two sacks, Casey was his usual destructive self. Widely regarded as one of the best interior linemen in the NFL, Casey shows you day after day what he’s capable of. Did Casey benefit from pressure created elsewhere? Yes, but take nothing away from his performance. There were some running plays where Casey seemed a bit out of it, but his pressure was game-changing none the less.

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It’s important to note that with every sack Casey records this year, he actually loses money. Before the season started, Casey teamed up with Starlight Children’s Foundation. Casey has agreed to donate 999 dollars for every sack he records this season, and he plans on getting plenty of sacks. With two sacks this week, 1,998 dollars will be donated to the Starlight Children’s Foundation. This is “an organization dedicated to creating moments of joy and comfort for hospitalized children and their families.” After dominant performances like Casey’s, it’s important to remember they are still more than just football players.

Honor-able Mention

First off, I hope you like what I did there, Honor Landry – shoutout to Vince Young. In his first NFL start, Harold Landry was an absolute nightmare for Houston to deal with. Accumulating four pressures and two quarterback hits, Titans fans should be jubilating. Landry looked like everything we thought he’d be, and some. Can you believe we got him with the 41st pick? Okay, I know it’s early to say that, I’m just as excited as you guys are. If you watched the game, it was impossible for you to miss Landry. His first NFL snap he beat the Texans left tackle, forcing Watson up in the pocket. Jurrell Casey was waiting with open arms to greet Watson for his first sack of the year. This Titans defense has a bright future, and it’s coming sooner than people thought. #TitanUp

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