Cleveland Browns: The Good, Bad and Ugly Week 3 vs. New York Jets

Browns Win For the 1st Time in 635 Days.


Well I decided to sleep on the week three edition of the Cleveland Browns good, bad and ugly before putting this together. It is nice to finally go to bed and enjoy a victory for the first time in 635 days.

The Browns beat the New York Jets, but it wasn’t all good. There are still concerns that have to be addressed going forward. Let’s break it down.

The Ugly:

The number 635:

Let’s get the ugly out of the way fist. Usually when you think of a number associated with bad luck, you think of 666. Well the Browns nearly reached that number in regards to days between victories. It took 635 days for the loyal Browns fans to finally enjoy a victory by their beloved football team.

The 1st Half:

The first half has to fall in the ugly category. The 14-3 halftime score doesn’t reflect how awful the first half was for the Browns. The offense couldn’t get anything going. The defense has issue stopping the run and allowed former running back Isaiah Crowell to score not one but two touchdowns in the second quarter. Yours truly was very tempted to break open the locked Bud Light fridge in the media room and drink away my frustrations after watching that first half in person.

The Bad:

Tyrod Taylor:

If Tyrod Taylor did not have to leave the game with a concussion, he would have been in the ugly category for his performance. Leaving the game with the concussion did the team a favor. Taylor could not get the offense going at all. His quarterback rating was under 40 and it should have been worse than that. The low light of his performance was the intentional ground penalty where Taylor threw the football deep into the endzone. No one was within 20-yards of that pass.

The Good:

Greg Joseph:

When you receive a loud cheer from the fans by making field goals during pregame warm ups, then you know how much a change was needed. Rookie Greg Joseph made a nice first impression as an NFL kicker. After the debacle with Zane Gonzalez on Sunday in New Orleans, Joseph made both of his field goals and his extra point attempt. The Browns lose again if Joseph misses those kicks. Joseph didn’t appear to be nervous making his NFL debut.

Carlos Hyde:

What a day Carlos Hyde had. It wasn’t just on the football field either. 23 carries for 98 yards in addition to both Browns touchdowns. That’s a nice way to celebrate your 28th birthday.

Speaking of births, Hyde’s wife game birth to a baby boy. Hyde spent the day with his wife before heading to the game. After the win it’s right back to the hospital to be there to welcome Carlos junior into the world.

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Baker Mayfield:

Last but certainly not least, we have the number one overall pick Baker Mayfield. What a debut in the NFL. Rally a team back from a 14-0 deficit. Guide your team to 21 points in addition to throwing for over 200-yards. The most important thing Mayfield did is get the victory monkey off the backs of the Browns franchise.. Offensive Lineman Joel Bitonio has nothing but praise for the rookie signal caller.

So now the talk begins. Who starts at quarterback in week four against the Oakland Raiders?

So until then, enjoy some more postgame comments about the victory over the Jets.

Scott Piker is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Browns. So follow him on twitter @ScottPikerSport

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