Combined Los Angeles Team

Ahead of the Chargers squaring off against the Rams, it kind if got me thinking… What if both Los Angeles teams could join forces? They would surely be the best team in the NFL, right? How would the starters look for the L.A. combined team…



Philip Rivers


I’ve got to go with experience here. Jared Goff is an up and comer, but he still plays second fiddle to one of the most savvy and intelligent QB’s in the game, Philip Rivers.


Running Backs


Todd Gurley & Austin Ekeler


How fun would this back field be? Instead of going with the top two backs out of the 2015 class, let’s mix it up and little bit with the man who, I for one, class as the Chargers RB1b, as opposed to RB2. Ekeler dovetailing with one of the best backs in the game… Watch out!


Wide Receivers


Keenan Allen, Brandin Cooks & Mike Williams


Now here we have a diverse trio of pass catchers. Maybe the perfect mix!

Keenan Allen is one of the premier route runners in the game; he makes mincemeat out of your press coverage with releases straight off the hardwood.

Next up; Brandin Cooks, now he’s going to be the burner with elite speed to take the top off the defence.

Lastly, Mike Williams is going to be your red zone target and your chain mover when you need a vital third down reception.


Tight End


Virgil Green


With Hunter Henry injured right now, this goes to Virgil Green over a couple of young guys on the Rams.

I know he’s not much of a receiver but would he really need to be with the above wideouts?

Anyway, we might see Green in a bigger receiver this season with the Bolts as they wait for Henry to recover.


Offensive Line


Andrew Whitworth, Dan Feeney, Mike Pouncey, Roger Saffold & Rob Harvenstein (from left to right)


This line is headlined by ageless wonder, Andrew Whitworth and Chargers center, Mike Pouncey. Two veteran guys who have always made their lines better units wherever they’ve played.

I’d have loved to have slotted Forest Lamp in somewhere on the right side but I just couldn’t do it since we haven’t seen him play an NFL snap yet. Hopefully we will see him in a lightning bolt soon!


Defensive Line


Melvin Ingram, Ndamukong Suh, Aaron Donald & Joey Bosa

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Wow. If you could hand pick any four linemen from around the league, not just from Los Angeles based teams, this may be a popular combination.

The Chargers possess the best pass rushing duo in the NFL in Melvin Ingram and Joey Bosa. On the other side of the city, the Rams possess the best none-QB in the league in Aaron Donald and next to him they have another game wrecker in Ndamukong Suh.

This is the best unit in this fantasy team and it isn’t even close.




Denzel Perryman, Mark Barron & Kyzir White


I’m not a huge fan of the Rams linebacking corps but I am a fan of Mark Barron. One of the first hybrid safety linebacker types that litter the NFL nowadays and with it being a copycat league, the Chargers drafted Kyzir White this past off season. Both of these guys bring tough tackling and coverage skills to my All-L.A. squad. Rounding out the trio is Denzel Perryman who can be my thumped against the run… anyone who gets past my defensive line, that is.




Casey Hayward, Marcus Peters & Aqib Talib


Another unbelievably strong group. All three of these guys are playmakers who opposition QB’s have to be feeling daring to throw at.

I mean any team facing the Los Angeles All Stars will have to pick their poison; attempt to run through my defensive line and linebackers or throw against these guys.

Either way… good luck!




LaMarcus Joyner & Derwin James


These two would just be so fun, wouldn’t they? Joyner is the true free safety that the Chargers honestly don’t really possess at this moment in time and would compliment the corners in coverage. This would leave Derwin to closer to the line of scrimmage and just cause havoc. He could be blitzing off the edge, stalking the box or covering opposing tight ends in coverage… again, good luck.




Greg Zuerlein & Johnny Hekker


Kicking the extra points would be Greg “The Leg” Zuerlein… let’s be honest, it wasn’t going to be a Chargers kicker, was it?

Then if this team would ever need to punt, they’d be able to call upon the guy who’s probably the league’s best punter, Johnny Hekker. Not bad.

– Lee Wakefield is a Staff Writer for Full Press Coverage Sports Media. He covers the Los Angeles Chargers. Follow him on Twitter @Wakefield90


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