Game Recap: Cleveland Browns vs New York Jets

The Winless Streak is Over Cleveland Wins 21-17

Baker Mayfield
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The Cleveland Browns were able to make it happen! The Browns got their first win in 635 days and snapped a 19 game winless streak as they defeated the New York Jets 21-17 thanks to Baker Mayfield.

Although starting quarterback Tyrod Taylor went down in the second quarter and was later diagnosed with a concussion, the team was very impressive in the second half with rookie quarterback Baker Mayfield.

The Browns offense was ignited almost immediately after Mayfield took the helm. Mayfield came in with 1:23 remaining before halftime and within the first two plays the young quarterback was 2-for-2 with 31-yards.

The offense looked very impressive heading into halftime and with :23 seconds remaining in the game and the ball on the Jets 27-yard line. With it being fourth and two the Browns had to make a tough choice.

Hue Jackson sent out newly signed kicker Greg Joseph and while Browns fan were covering their eyes because of what they have witnessed within the first two games. Little did they know that Joseph successfully made a 45-yard attempt.

At halftime, the Browns trailed 14-3.

In the second half, the Browns saw another successful attempt by Joseph who had made a 27-yard attempt. The score was 14-6 with 6:19 remaining in the third.
Little did everyone know that the Browns were just getting started. The Browns defense really started to mesh well and the Jets couldn’t make anything happen offensively.

With the ball back and starting on their own 31-yard line. The Browns had only one thing on their mind which was to score a touchdown. They did exactly that after Baker Mayfield completed an insanely impressive pass to Jarvis Landry for 29-yards. The Browns now had the ball on the 1-yard line and Carlos Hyde took the hand off, lowered his shoulders and found the end zone.

Hue Jackson made a tough decision but ultimately decided on going for the two-point conversion.

Duke Johnson took the direct snap with Landry swinging around to the left side. Johnson flipped the ball to Landry who lobbed the ball to a wide open Mayfield which ultimately tied the game.

With the game tied and 8:56 remaining, the Browns marched down the field. Mayfield made a lot of smart crisp passes which set up Hyde for his second touchdown of the night.

With the Browns leading 21-17 with 2:04 remaining in the game the defense really had to make some stops. They did exactly that as Jets rookie Sam Darnold saw the pocket collapsing and took a shot at Jermaine Kearse but throwing in double coverage is extremely risky. For the Browns, it paid off as linebacker Joe Schobert snagged the ball and came down with it.

The Browns had the ball back with 1:21 remaining but saw themselves go three and out. It gave the Jets :56 seconds to march downfield for a chance at coming away with a victory.

However, the Browns defense yet again had something else planned. Darnold intended to complete a deep pass for Robby Anderson but the pass was under thrown and cornerback Terrance Mitchell tied the jump perfectly and came down with the ball.

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