The Dallas Cowboys will travel to Seattle on Sunday to take on the winless Seahawks. Dallas will look to make it two straight wins after beating the New York Giants last week. Here are the five keys to victory for the Cowboys when they travel to the great northwest Sunday afternoon.

1. Make Seattle’s offense one dimensional

Seattle’s run game has been nonexistent through the first two games. They have run the ball just 38 times with very little success. Dallas must stop the run and continue to make Seattle rely solely on Russell Wilson’s arm. As good as Wilson is, the first two weeks have proven he can’t win alone.

2. Put pressure on Wilson

Dallas sacked Eli Manning six times last week. They took full advantage of a weak offensive line. This week they have the opportunity to do the same thing. Russell Wilson has been sacked 12 times in two games. Dallas must win the battle up front and make Wilson uncomfortable all day long.

3. Silence the 12th man.

Seattle fans love to boast about being the loudest stadium in the league. When Seattle was atop the NFL, they were basically unbeatable at home and the crowd was a huge part of that. While a trip to Seattle used to be viewed as an almost certain loss, last season the Seahawks were only 4-4 at home. Dallas needs a quick start in order to keep the crowd in their seats.

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4. Establish the running game

Ezekiel Elliott has not had a breakout game yet this season. This is the week he needs to get rolling. The Seahawks defense has allowed 116 yards per game in the first two games. If Dallas can get the running game going they can dominate the time of possession, which will wear out the defense and take the crowd completely out of the game.

5. Dak must protect the ball.

The only way I believe Seattle can defeat Dallas is if they get turnovers. Turnovers are always huge in the NFL and the team that wins the turnover battle usually wins the game. So why I am I focusing on Dak Prescott instead of the entire team? Here’s why. Dak Prescott has played 19 games in which he doesn’t commit a turnover. The Cowboys are 18-1 in those games. For all the criticism Dak gets for his accuracy and lack of big plays, the bottom line is when he protects the ball Dallas wins. If Dak protects the ball on Sunday, they will leave Seattle with a 2-1 record.

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