The Bears on Sunday needed every single turnover the defense created to pull out a come from behind win against the Cardinals, and even then it was too close for comfort. The offense looked awful and somewhat painful to watch. Mitchell Trubisky’s first-half struggles continued with a fumble and an interception but the Bears pulled out a close one and now must face the task of getting this offense up to speed.

The only good sign coming from this offense was the run game and capitalizing on the Cardinals turnovers. The offense put up points on three of the four turnovers. But Trubisky who often struggles with seeing ghost and getting through his progressions had a rough day. The offense will take time and as I stated before Trubisky will probably struggle for a while before he gets this playbook.

The defense, excluding the first quarter, looked dangerous. For the final three quarters, the Cardinals had 135 yards of total offense four turnovers and zero points. Khalil Mack provided the defense with two sacks and another forced fumble. Bryce Callahan, Sherrick McManis and Eddie Jackson combined for three picks and the defense bailed out the lack of offense yet again.

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Nagy admitted during the press conference that he’s still learning as a coach and this by far had to be his worst performance. Trubisky and Nagy need to figure it out. The Bears have become too reliant on screen passes and it’s somewhat sad. The faith in Trubisky shouldn’t be shaken as this is his first three weeks in a new offense with four new skill players and a new head coach. But progression needs to be seen every week and unfortunately, he took a step back on Sunday. But with any young quarterback, Bears fans must know that developing him is a marathon, not a sprint and you have to take the bad with the good.

If this offense can click the Bears could potentially be playoff bound but it will rely on Trubisky, Nagy and the rest of the offense to figure it out. The season is still young and even though it wasn’t pretty, in this league a win is a win.

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