I am growing enervated hearing about ex-Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis retiring at halftime two Sundays’ ago against the Los Angeles Chargers. All I really have to say is that so many many other options on how to handle the sudden epiphany that drove him to leave the game and then the stadium really embarrassing himself, the organization on TV, radio, internet and paper publishings. Not only were media members and fans bringing up how poorly he handled all areas of the departure, but the players were insulted that he left them in the middle of a game where they needed all hands-on deck. Some players like Lorenzo Alexander, were very much vocal about how displeased and insulted they were by his cowardly actions.

After training camp and practices, preseason and OTAs, one would think he knew he was physically and mentally not where he needed or wanted to be. He was a healthy scratch in week one which certainly rubbed the former Pro-bowl the wrong way. If he really out of the blue realized he can not keep up, he should have worked it our with the coaches that he could not physical play and sit on the sidelines the rest of the game and then worry about the future after the game. He could have finished the game.  He should have finished the game. We do not know what kind of mental behavioral disorders he may have.  We know very little about his personal life. Regardless of what is going on “upstairs” for Davis, the team relied on him, spent a roster spot for the day, month, week on him to start the season. So many other ways he could have handled the situation which would still give him the results he desired, being done with football. 

I want to talk about this so very little that I am going to change the topic with the fun fact they are discussing on radio. The fact that Ryan Fitzpatrick has 16 more NFL touchdown passes on his resume and is still building on that number, then Troy Aikman had in his three Superbowl championships winning career. So, I am sure that somewhere out there, someone believes that number speaks clearly in that Fitz is a better quarterback than Aikman ever was. 

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Things We Know About The Buffalo Bills This Week:

  • The heavily lopsided favorites this past Sunday, The Minnesota Vikings, were the clear favorites in this game, even with running back Dalvin Cook. Vikings head man, Mike Zimmer also shared that defensive end Everson Griffen would not suit up. These sidelined players did not result in a leviathan underdog ranking from Las Vegas suddenly shifting in Buffalo’s favor. Not even close. Although, the Bills were a totally different team as they did not just pull the “upset”, they were the better overall team in all three phases of the game. Josh Allen played like the veteran while Kirk Cousins looked frightened.


  • The rather wealthy quarterback had not disappointed the Vikings after being heavily recruited by many and paid very well by the chosen team. Cousins threw for 219 yards and three touchdowns throughout the wild fourth quarter and overtime at Green Bay in Week 2, as he led them from a 13-point deficit forcing a tie. What exactly happened against this Bills defense? Cousins and his offense showed up way too late in the fourth quarter, unable to reach the end zone until late in the fourth quarter.


  • The Bills put themselves in the win column against a defense that can be argued as the best in the league. After getting blown out twice in the first two weeks, the team showed what damage the Bills can do. What most expected this past Sunday was an easy cakewalk for the Vikings. It was the complete opposite. Can the Bills walk into Green Bay and continue the same story?


Scott Bryk is a writer for Full Press Coverage who covers the Buffalo Bills. Scott can be followed on Twitter at @skotbrick1970 and @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage. 

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