Are you still in shock of what the Buffalo Bills pulled off against the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday? It’s okay to still feel that way if you do, because it is still safe to say that almost no one knew that either the Bills were going to come out of the gate swinging or if the Vikings just decided to have the mentality of a cakewalk against the Bills.

After a dominating 27-6 beatdown of the Vikings, the Bills head back up north to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. What is in a scary favor of the Bills for this game is that even though they will face Rodgers, a top quarterback in the league if not the best, Rodgers is not surrounded with the talent that Kirk Cousins has available to him in Minnesota.

As of right now, the Bills have faced three opponents who rank in the top ten in passing offenses’. The Vikings are the highest rating out of three and look at how the Bills shut that down quickly. The Packers are ranked 14th in the passing game. Nothing too shabby but nothing to stress against. The offensive line has given up 12 sacks through three weeks which has them as one of the few teams having given up double digit sacks.

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The Bills head into Green Bay at 1-2 with great momentum. They won in a convincing way last week against a much more talented Vikings squad. If the Bills can pick up where they left off against Cousins and constantly get to Rodgers, the Packers offense could be in trouble.

With Rodgers behind center, it is super hard to pick against him. He makes the miracles happen just when you think he is down and out. If the Bills play defensive football and take over the game early, and Josh Allen leads the offense down the field on every possession, the Bills keep on spinning heads in disbelief. The Bills have the best chance to make another statement, now it is just about executing the gameplan effectively.


Brandon Ray is a Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage who covers the Buffalo Bills. Brandon can be followed on Twitter at @brandon_ray79 and @FPC_Bills for Bills coverage. 

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