The Jacksonville Jaguars have a Super Bowl caliber defense. They have the best secondary in the league. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going to run away with the AFC South. TheirĀ  time is now. Are you tired of hearing about the Jaguars? Yeah, me too. More importantly, the Titans are tired of being looked over in the division. They didn’t have to look hard for motivation in this divisional matchup, as nearly everyone picked the Jaguars to win handily.

The Titans showed up and showed the world that Jacksonville isn’t the only NFL team with a great defense. Tired of the disrespect, the Titans buckled down and got the job done on both sides of the football. Think they’ll be talking about us now? We’ll see, nothing would be to surprising at this point. 7-1 in our last 8 division games should be evidence that the Titans aren’t going anywhere, they’re here to stay.

Defensive Player of the Week

For the second time in the first three weeks of the season, I’m naming Wesley Woodyard the Titans DPOTW. Wesley knows what it’s like to be overlooked, as year in and year out he performs on the field. As a Titans captain, Woodyard has been fantastic once again to start the season. Leading the team in tackles with 32, Woodyard has yet again been a tone-setter for this Titans defense. Like a fine wine, Woodyard seems to continually get better with age. This past Sunday, Woodyard had a game-high 12 tackles and also added on a sack.

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To be clear, merely having the most tackles isn’t enough to be the defensive player of the game. Woodyard will have plenty of opportunities to lead the team in tackles, it’s how he does it that makes it so impressive. Woodyard was seemingly everywhere on Sunday. Impacting the games at different levels is what makes Woodyard so great at what he does. Woodyard is 32 years old, but don’t think that’s slowing him down. Along with his 12 tackles, 10 of them were solo, and he also had a crucial pass deflection on a third-down play.

Going Forward

Believe it or not, Wesley Woodyard is on track for a career year at the age of 32. If he continues his current play, it’s hard to imagine his playing time going down at all. Through 3 games, Woodyard has some impressive numbers. 32 combined tackles, 22 being solo, and 10 assisted. Add 1 sack and 1 pass deflection to that as well. Woodyard isn’t showing any signs of slowing down, and the Titans need to take advantage of this play going forward.

After the game, Woodyard donned a shirt with Jaguars on it and a nice pair of shades. He ended his interview with a smooth 3 words. “Jag killer, baby” as he smiled and walked away. This team is a hoot for sure. #TitanUp


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