With almost one-quarter of the season elapsed, the Oakland Raiders sit winless. As a result, they earned some rather hideous stats. However, in order to see where the Raiders could go, here is where they stand. In no particular order, ten stats that currently define the Raiders.


To their credit, the Raiders, under Jon Gruden continue to pound the ball. Without a doubt, Gruden’s desire to move the rock stays at the forefront. On the other hand, average 3.6 yards per carry will not win many games. If you look at the film, you will see Marshawn Lynch running hard. Additionally, all the backs continue to surge. Honestly, this falls on either play design or the offensive line play. For their reputation, the line continues to disappoint.


The Raiders scored five touchdowns on offense in three games. Of these scores, Marshawn Lynch accounts for three of them. With teammates around that fail him, Lynch runs with the verve and grit of a hungry rookie. Yet, three of the five scores are his. That means Derek Carr and company is not accomplishing much in the passing area.


Despite this lofty percentage, Derek Carr does not resemble the 2016 version. In an offense where he dinks and dunks, those stats tell the story of Derek Carr’s season. Accurate, yet safe.


In three games, the Oakland Raiders tallied just three sacks. If you solely focus on who is here, you will realize that the team cannot win with four. Arden Key breaks off the same spin move and Bruce Irvin breaks off no move. Pushing a tackle backwards does not always work.


While no one raced to congratulate the Raiders for signing him, Tahir Whitehead flashed early and often. In the first three games, Whitehead shows what the Raiders could operate under the right conditions. If a pass rush happens soon, Whitehead could see his splash plays continue.


Between Gareon Conley and Rashaan Melvin, the starting corners batted ten passes down. Behind a weak rush, these two continue to play well. Granted, teams still throw in their vicinity. Yet, how many corners can hold up, despite plays lasting 10 seconds?


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