If it were easy everyone would do it. Being a Falcons fan is the furthest thing from easy. We are one of the most toutured fan bases in the league but we always come back every year to support our boys in red and black. That being said, we’ve been through just about everything as fans and I will highlight just some of them.


Every Falcons fan saw this happen. We all witnessed this with our own eyes. Now we live in the hell it caused as we are constantly reminded in real life and on Twitter (trust me just look at my mentions) and there appears to be no end in sight. The only thing that could erase 28-3 is if we can actually win the Super Bowl. One can hope.

The 2007 Season

Oh boy where do I begin. Calling this season a complete disaster would be an understatement. The season looked full of promise and potential at first but then quarterback Mike Vick got hit with the dog fighting scandal and was immediately suspended indefinitely. That left Atlanta with former bust Joey Harrington as the starter. As you could imagine it went south very quickly. The team cycled through quarterbacks Chris Redman and Byron Leftwich throughout the year as Atlanta only won four games that year. That wasn’t the worst of it though. The snake Bobby Petrino decided to leave and go back to college towards the end of season. The bright side is that we got Matt Ryan in the draft.

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Many Playoff Failures

The Falcons have let us down in the playoffs quite a bit. One that immediately comes to mind is the 2012 disaster against the Giants as we only put up two points in a playoff game. Two. Points. Remember the 2011 divisional round against the Packers where the Falcons were heavily favored and got routed at home? Or just last year in the Divisional round against the Eagles where Sark’s play calling ended up costing them the season. The Falcons always seem to find creative ways to falter in the playoffs and it only causes us fans heartache.

The Final Word

The question remains though. Why are we still fans of this football team? One reason: it brings us all together. We all share the pain staking agony they bring on us but we also share the joy they bring us like they did in 2016. It gives us something to do on a Sunday afternoon and it gives us something to talk about to fellow Falcons fans whether it be on Twitter or in real life. Heck, it even allowed me to get my first main gig as a writer here at Full Press Coverage. Whether they find a way to blow a big lead again or make a Super Bowl run we are all here right behind them to support them. And to me, it’s really beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed this article and remember to always RISE UP!

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