Falcons Offense Versus the Bengals Defense

Julio Jones
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The Atlanta Falcons look to move on from a crushing defeat last week versus the New Orleans Saints. The Falcons next opponent is the Cincinnati Bengals. The Bengals are 2-1 and the combination of A.J Green and Andy Dalton are playing extremely well. The Falcons offense looked fantastic last week. Explosive plays, efficient drives, the offense just looked so sure of its self last Sunday. For the first time in the Sark era, the offense looked like it was all working together. The Bengals defense is no joke, but I think the Falcons can score on them, and piggyback off their last week performance.

Falcons 30-23 and I will tell you how.

Matt Ryan

Last week Matt Ryan played arguably one of the best games of his career. Throwing for five touchdowns, and matching Drew Brees point for point. Games like that have to be huge for Ryan’s confidence. In order for the Falcons to win games, this offense has to put up a lot of points. The defense is too banged up to realistically hold teams under 20 points. Expect to see more games like last week, especially if the Falcons can’t generate a pass rush to get the opposing quarterback off balance.

Ryan has to come into this game and realize that no one on the Bengals roster can check Julio Jones. It’s been three games, and Julio Jones has yet to find the end zone, he hasn’t even been close to scoring. Ryan has to get the ball to Julio Jones early and often. He is the head of the snake for our offense, and this team will go as far as Ryan can take them. Ryan won’t throw for five touchdowns but I do see three, two of those going to Julio Jones. when Matt Ryan spreads the ball to all of his weapons the Falcons are so hard to beat.

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Julio Jones

Julio Jones will have a monster game versus the Bengals this Sunday. He will score multiple times in this game. He just too big, too fast, and just too good to be covered by anyone in this Bengals secondary. The Bengals won’t be able to double Julio Jones. The rookie Calvin Ridley showed last week versus the Saints that he can beat man coverage. Julio will be open finding the soft spots in the zone, and he’s going to kill man coverage.

Jones can also be used as a decoy, to spring guys like Austin Hooper, and Mohammad Sanu open underneath. The Bengals may try and bring a lot of exotic blitzes so look out for quick throws. Julio will have his fingerprints all over this game whether its creating separation for himself or if he freeing someone else up. Calvin Ridley scored three times last week matching the same amount Julio Jones had for an entire season. Julio will get in the end zone this week.


Bottom Line

In order for the Falcons to keep pace in their division, they have to win games like this at home. The offense has to pick up the defense. Matt Ryan has to control this game with key third-down conversions. Staying ahead of the chains will be huge. Keeping the offense in rhythm on first and second down will be the keys to this game. Can the Falcons execute and win on first and second down. This will create easy and managable third down conversions. The offense has been in a great rhythm these past two games. Especially in the red zone. Converting your scoring drives into seven instead of three will win you a lot of games in the National Football Leauge. The Falcons offense will reach the 30 point plattoe again, but we have to hope the defense can hold the Bengals under 30.



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