Under .500 is not how any team wants to head into week 4. Luckily for the Colts, they host the 0-3 Texans and have the chance to take the division lead if the Titans and Jaguars both lose their games. This weeks game at home, wearing the Edwin Jackson badge to celebrate his life, is a must win, for Edwin and for the culture. How the team takes this week against a division rival, in my opinion, will set the tone for the year. If the Colts can lead the division or even place second a fourth of the season in, it will shut up all the haters and add a great deal of confidence for this Colts team coming off a 4-12 record. Coming off a poor week where the Colts choked the win to the Eagles, I expect the Colts to do anything possible for the win this week to walk away 2-2.

A lot of people are saying things like “Luck is not the same, it’s true because the Colts put In Brissett for the last throw in the game.” When in reality, it was to prevent Luck from getting and possibly of getting injured on a play that had a 0.01% chance of working unless the quarterback’s name is A-a-ron. Luck has a history of amazing games against the Texans, and I have no doubt in my mind that Luck and TY will connect for multiple 20+ yard plays. Last week, Luck also tied the longest rush of his career when he scrambled for 33 yards proving he is still agile and mobile. Look for great numbers by Luck and company in arguably the most important game of the season.

Finally, once again a mobile quarterback. Last week Carson Wentz escaped multiple sacks when scrambling out of the pocket, this week the Colts’ defense needs to improve upon that. Deshone Watson is an extremely agile and mobile quarterback who is extremely fast. Being able to stop Watson early in the season would be huge for the Colts moving forward. On the other end, the Colts back up tackles have to provide coverage against the Texans star pass-rushers J.J. Watt and Jadeveon Clowney. No matter what this will be a great game and go either way, hopefully, the Colts learned from their mistakes last week in Philadelphia and can improve to improve to 2-2 after what us Colts fans is a great team win!


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