The Buccaneers got beaten in every facet of the game on Sunday in Chicago. Mitch Trubisky is the second coming of Joe Montana, Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers all in one. Regardless, 2-2 is not the worst start for the Buccaneers.

Since 2015, the first four weeks of the season have featured some big let downs for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In 2015, the Titans dismantled the Bucs at home in week one. In 2016, the Bucs were crushed in the desert against the Cardinals in week two. 2017, the week two game against Vikings game wasn’t even much of a game. Here we are in 2018, the year were that all ends, or so we thought. Yesterday was an embarrassing performance in every aspect. There aren’t enough stats to properly explain the futility we saw on the field yesterday, but I’ll give it a shot.

The Offense: Good (Yeah let’s not even try)

Yea…. Don’t got much here. Moving right along.

The Bad

Stat: 25% and 33%

Like I said, nothing quite captures how bad the Bucs were on Sunday. They finished the game with 25% third down conversions and 33% in the red zone. This season, the offense has been excellent. Ryan Fitzpatrick got the Bucs to 2-2, but the Sunday nothing happened. The offense was completely stagnant and even those those two numbers above are a bit inflated. Seven of the Bucs ten points came against prevent defense. There isn’t much else to see here. The Bucs were bad on Sunday.

The Defense: The Bad (Skip right over the typical “good” section because there was none)

Stat: Six

Look, at least the offense had Desean Jackson go for over 100 yards. The defense outside of Jason Pierre Paul, did absolutely nothing. Kwon Alexander and Lavonte David combined for eight tackles. No quarterback for the Bears in the superbowl era had ever thrown for five in a game, let alone six. 48 players in NFL history have thrown for six touchdown passes in a game, Mitchell Trubisky is one of them. Overall, both sides of the ball deserve their fair share of the blame. While the defense will draw most of the blame, the offense was good for three points the whole game (Not counting the seven against prevent defense).


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel to Atlanta on October 14th and for coaches, players and fans sake, that day needs to hurry up.



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