Most people probably expected this to be a shootout for the most part, with both secondaries looking horrendous so far this season. However, it was Alvin Kamara and his three rushing touchdowns that took this team to victory, and moved the New Orleans Saints to 3-1 on the season.

Kamara was by far the biggest star of the show, running for 134 yards and the hat trick, and catching another 5 passes for 47 yards. Here are the takeaways from Sunday’s game against the New York Giants.

Does this offense even need Mark Ingram?

It’s amazing how well the Saints are playing with just Alvin Kamara on the field and no big, physical presence to balance the attack. Kamara has been a crucial part of the offense every week, bringing a different attack each and every week. One week, he’s catching 15 passes for 120 yards, the next week he’s running twenty times for 130. No one can seem to figure out how to game plan against him.

Kamara was the most valuable player on this team on Sunday, and there is no doubt about that. His big plays in critical times put New Orleans into an uncatchable lead. Now Saints fans are in unison. Mark Who?

Demario Davis Went Off

The biggest acquisition off the Saints offseason was arguably the signing of middle linebacker Demario Davis. The former New York Jet, Davis was right at home yesterday playing in his old home stadium. Davis went off for 11 tackles and 2 sacks, and all of that on only 44 snaps.

The Saints finally got their linebackers to make an impact in the game, as they spent most of the time in the nickel packages. AJ Klein and Davis split time with Alex Anzelone and Craig Robertson, and these guys stayed fresh all game long. Davis finally got to explode as a result, directly impacting 30% of the plays he was on the field for.

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Taysom Hill Getting Involved is Impactful

The Saints have spent the past couple of weeks finding new ways to get third string quarterback Taysom Hill and his athleticism on the field. A long touchdown play was called back on a throw by Hill, but his impact is obvious.

Hill played in 15 offensive snaps last week, throwing a pass that was ruled incomplete and completing another one from a punt formation. He ran 4 times for 28 yards and caught a pass from Drew Brees.

He’s a do it all player and he’s more then happy to be playing in the NFL. You almost forget that this team signed Ohio State’s star quarterback to a 3 year deal as an undrafted free agent last season. JT Who?

Protecting the Football

The Saints fumbled four times in the first two games, loosing all four to the defense. Since then, the Saints have not turned the football over. Not making mistakes on the field leads to success, which the Saints are enjoying. It’s good to see them protecting the football!

The next film breakdown that will be coming later this week is going to be a ton of fun to do, and you the readers should enjoy reading them. There will be so much to cover that it’s very easy to be optimistic about next weeks visit to the nations capital.

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