After the 2018 NFL Draft, we tried to tell you guys that the Titans got absolute steals in Rashaan Evans and Harold Landry. Do you believe us yet? Harold Landry has impacted almost every play that he’s been on the field, thus proving his value going forward. This past Sunday against the reigning Super Bowl champions was no different. There are some plays that Landry is legitimately shot out of a cannon, and that kind of speed and power aren’t supposed to be together. Why is Harold Landry the defensive Titan of the week? I’m glad you asked!

Defensive Titan of the Week

Harold “Honor” Landry is without question our defensive Titan of the week. Landry may have only had 4 tackles in week 4, but he was everywhere on the field once again. With the film we’ve seen on him, it shouldn’t be a surprise. It’s just coming together rather quickly, and it’s a welcomed sight.

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Along with his 4 tackles was a colossal blow to Carson Wentz that jarred the ball loose. What made that play even better? He was going up against All-Pro right tackle Lane Johnson. Landry beat him using pure speed and an arm rip to get to Carson before he even had a chance to react. This was the biggest play of the game for the Titans to that point. As the Titans were still down 17-10 in the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the Titans only got a field goal out of it, but the momentum changed regardless. Without that play from Landry, it’s difficult to envision the Titans emerging victorious.

Welcomed Addition

Harold Landry’s quick ascension is excellent news for the Titans. With the force that is Jurrell Casey, Landry is in a perfect situation. There aren’t many things teams can do to limit Landry without allowing Casey to thrive or vice versa. Add that to an already solid pass rush, and you’re in business going forward. Look for Landry to continue the hot start to his career this week as he goes up against arguably the worst offensive line they’ve faced so far this season. Josh Allen has already been sacked 18 times in his young career with the Buffalo Bills. That number will ideally be larger after Sunday’s matchup, and the pressure should force a young quarterback to make mistakes.

Honorable Mention

With Wesley Woodyard going down with an injury, Jayon Brown played some exceptional defense. Going with his high-quality play, he was very emotional on the field after big tackles. He recorded 10 total tackles and one sack in his game vs. Philadelphia. His future looks bright as he prepares for the inevitable duty of being a starter on this defense.

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