Last week, the Colts faced heartbreaking loss against the Houston Texans after going for the win instead of a loss. This week is rivalry week though as the Colts head to take on the deflated balls of Tom Brady.

The Colts are plagued with injuries as they play New England at home. Star wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, cornerbacks Kenny Moore and Quincy Wilson, left tackle Anthony Castanzo and many more are out or questionable for tomorrow’s game which is awful news considering guys like Le’Raven Clark, Chester Rogers, and Chris Milton will all be getting number one or two reps for the team when playing a healthy Julian Edelman, Trey Flowers, and  Stefan Gilmore. If the Colts were an 80% healthy team I would not be worried about how this game will go, but knowing Bill Belichick he will most definitely expose the Colts weak spots due to injury.

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Andrew Luck is coming off of a record game where he threw for 62 attempts completing 40 of them, for of which were touchdowns. If Luck can achieve anywhere near those stats in the Patriots house, the Colts may be able to leave New England with the win, and a decent 2-3 record considering their first five opponents. The run game has been a major problem for the Colts as last week the Colts only had a total of 41 rushing yards, 11 from quarterback Andrew Luck. Rookies Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins can’t just be receiving backs, they need to be prominent rushers with what offensive line they have.

Frank Reich and the entire roster stand by the “go for the win” move. Hopefully, against the Patriots, Reich and company can pull that off and steal the win against the favored Patriots. Reich will also need to change things up a bit to account for the missing pieces from injuries and Belichecks sneakiness. Just please, no fake punts that were NOT supposed to be snapped. This was a bit of a shorter one because in all honesty, over the years there’s been enough said. After Josh McSnake, I mean..uh…McDaniels backed out of the head coaching job for the Colts, Chris Ballard the Colts GM let us all know that the rivalry is back on. So be ready, because it’s going down tomorrow night. So Ian: be ready my friend!


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