Jabrill Peppers Stands By ‘Wishy-Washy’ Comment

Jabrill Peppers
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If there is one college team that Cleveland Browns fans don’t enjoy having players from it’s the Michigan Wolverines. Just look back at all of the criticism wide receiver Braylon Edwards took during his time in Cleveland.

Safety and kick returner Jabrill Peppers will likely hear his share of boos this Sunday from the faithful Browns fans at FirstEnergy Stadium. Peppers asked for it following his comments calling Browns fans ‘wishy-washy’ this week.

Peppers addressed the media in regards to his comments Thursday afternoon. The second year safety out of Michigan stands by his comment.

“I have not really checked, but I said the environment,” Peppers said. “This is the NFL. That is how it is. Love you when you are doing good, and they do not when you are not. We know we have to play better. Obviously, I was not talking about the fans as a whole, just more so the environment of an NFL franchise. We understand the City of Cleveland loves their Browns and wants to see us get back to how it is supposed to be, but that is just the NFL. They love you when you are doing well, and not so much when you aren’t.”

Peppers does have a point. The NFL is a what have you done for me lately business. Fans have talked negatively about him while out in public. As a result, Peppers does not go out in public in Cleveland alone.

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“It does not bum me out. I do not really care what people say, but it is just another kind of situation when you walk up on another man. That is more of that, but I kind of expected it. Some people already feel a way about me because of my college choice. I just have to play better and make plays on the field to get them right. That is how it is in the NFL.”

Perhaps Peppers now realizes the NFL stands for ‘Not For Long’ and ‘Not Fair League.’ All Peppers has to say is that he played in Ann Arbor. Cleveland fans don’t like hearing those words.

“A little bit of a factor, absolutely,” Peppers said.

There’s a simple way for Peppers to make Browns fans to cheer for him starting this Sunday, force a turnover or record a long kick return or two. Perhaps taking a kick back for a touchdown will do the trick.

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