A big game awaits the Vikings in Philadelphia on Sunday. Currently sitting at third in the division, a loss could put Minnesota on the brink of being eliminated from playoff contention before the halfway point. Fortunately, the FPC Vikings staff is confident they can turn it around.

Here are their predictions for Vikings at Eagles.

Madison Parkhill: Minnesota 27, Philadelphia 23

With both teams struggling to open the year, this week’s game will be a desperate battle. While the Eagles do have home-field advantage, the Vikings offense has looked much more potent than the Eagles so far. If the Minnesota offensive line can limit the pressure that Kirk Cousins will face, Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs should again be able to get open against a sub-par Eagles secondary. I think this game has some sneaky shootout potential, and I like the Vikings to pull off an upset against the defending champions.

– Madison Parkhill writes for Full Press Coverage and covers the Vikings. Follow him @MadPark44.

Roger Dier: Minnesota 23, Philadelphia 17

The Vikings may run the ball fewer than 10 times again. The forward line doesn’t seem to adept at run blocking. Anyone else notice that?

But, the defense is going to carry the day. Pass-rush pressure, by blitz or with four linemen only, creates the difference for the Vikings in a close game.

Clayton Brooks: Minnesota 24, Philadelphia 21

If there was anytime Minnesota needed a win, now is the time. People can point out that the last two seasons that they started slowly (2015 and 2017), the team was able to get hot and win the division. However, in both of those instances, they played well defensively and ran the ball effectively. Through four weeks this season, the team has struggled to do both and it’s largely why they’re 1-2-1.

Defensively, they have the personnel and coaching to turn things around, and I believe they do it this week against the very team that began their problems. The Eagles are starting to get players back from injury, but aren’t quite there yet. Somehow, I think Mike Zimmer’s Vikings find a way to leave Philly with the win to avenge their NFC title game loss.

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– Clayton Brooks writes for Full Press Coverage and covers the Vikings. Follow him @ClaytonRBrooks2.

Sam Smith: Minnesota 23, Philadelphia 17

Once the class of the conference, neither of these teams have looked particularly good through four weeks. Philadelphia has a bit of an excuse in that Carson Wentz only recently returned to action after tearing his ACL last year. The Vikings, on the other hand, do not have much to point to, other than a relatively tough schedule to start the year. Both of these teams thrived last year with disruptive defenses and balanced offenses capable of explosive plays. Neither has found that identity this season. So really, the prediction for this game essentially comes down to who I believe finds it again this week.

Minnesota has not had many problems moving the ball, despite almost constant pressure up the middle. Sure, they cannot run worth anything, but Cousins and his receivers have made a lot of plays and look about as dangerous as any passing game in the league. As for Philadelphia, something just seems off about their play calling. It does not seem as creative or explosive. Now, the re-emergence of Alshon Jeffery could help that, but I think this is the game where the Viking defense reminds everyone of how good they can be. It will be a nail-biter, potentially coming down to a late score, but the Vikings will pull this one out on the road.

–Sam Smith is the Managing Editor for Full Press Coverage Vikings and Deputy Editor for Full Press NFL. Like and

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