Keys to the Game: Jets vs. Broncos

Jets’ Keys to Success in 2018
EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - DECEMBER 03: Robby Anderson #11 of the New York Jets reacts after converting a first down in the the third quarter during their game at MetLife Stadium on December 3, 2017 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

On Sunday the Jets will face off against the Denver Broncos at home. The Jets will look to end their 3-game drought, while the Broncos look to end their 2-game drought. What are the keys to a Jets victory? Find out here:

Rattle Case Keenum

Since signing a two-year deal with Denver, Case Keenum has struggled heavily. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass since Week One, after dropping three touchdowns against the Seahawks. He’s thrown an interception in every game he’s played in, including three against the Seahawks. He hasn’t played the greatest of defenses, either. He’s played against the Seahawks, the Raiders, the Chiefs, and the Ravens.

The Jets need to throw Keenum off the same way they threw Tyrod Taylor off. Come out firing with blitzes early to keep him out of his rhythm. They sacked Taylor three times in the first half before he was benched, along with several pressures. If they can bring back that pass rush, it would be huge in winning.

Spread the Love

Sam Darnold and Quincy Enunwa are like peanut butter and jelly. They’ve been clicking on all cylinders through the first quarter of the season. This week, it might be time to pull out the ham and cheese sandwich.

Enunwa will likely be guarded by Chris Harris Jr., one of the best slot corners in football. Outside of Harris, however, is one of the worst secondaries in football. The Broncos have gotten torched three weeks in a row, by Patrick Mahomes, Derek Carr and Joe Flacco. Carr completed 91.4% of his passes against Denver, which is an NFL record for a quarterback with at least 30 attempts.

Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse have to get going this week. The Broncos have consistently struggled against the deep ball. Insert Robby Anderson. It’s time to get these two going. If it doesn’t happen this week, when will it? This is arguably the worst secondary the Jets will play all year, and they have to capitalize on it.

Stay Aggressive

Last week, Todd Bowles had the worst fourth quarter of his coaching career. He tried fighting back from a 22-point deficit by playing… conservative?

For starters, he decided to take a field goal while down 22 on a fourth and goal with about 12 minutes left. Doesn’t take the greatest mind to know this, but, losing by 19 isn’t much better than losing by 22. Either way, it’s a three-possession game. On the next drive, the Jets defense recovered a fumble to give the offense the ball five yards from the endzone. The offense wound up getting in the endzone to make it a 13-point game. Imagine they scored a touchdown instead of kicking that field goal? It could’ve been an 8 point game!

Somehow, it got worse. With four minutes left, still down by two possessions, Bowles elected to punt the football back to the Jaguars. Read that again slowly. Does it make any sense? Any?

The Jags wound up marching down the field and scoring a garbage time touchdown to increase their lead even more. It was a long shot to win either way (partly because of the field goal he decided to kick), but you have to try. As a coach, your job is to give your team the best possible chance to win the game. Bowles failed to do that on Sunday. If he doesn’t fix his game management soon, he won’t be around much longer. Plain and simple.

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