Is Baker Mayfield the Next John Elway or Brett Favre?

Baltimore Ravens coach believes so

Baker Mayfield
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What a difference a couple of games can make, especially if you are Baker Mayfield. The number one overall pick has been compared to former quarterbacks since winning the Heisman Trophy.

The names Mayfield is being compared to have improved. During the offseason, the name Mayfield was being compared too is another former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel. Now Mayfield is being compared to a pair of Hall of Fame signal callers, at least by one of the Baltimore Ravens coaches that is.

So is Mayfield really the next John Elway or Brett Favre? Don Martindale, the Ravens defensive coordinator believes so and said that this week in preparation for Mayfield and the Browns this Sunday.

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“Tell Don, ‘Thank you,’ but I am not buying that,” head coach Hue Jackson said. “Don is a good man. I have known Don for a long time. Tell him that he is not buttering us up that way. That does not work. Baker is going to be what he is going to be. He has a lot of football ahead of him. The guy has played one game. Let’s let it all take its course. You just mentioned two names that are off the charts. If he is, that will be good for everybody, true? That is the way that it works.”

“He is carving a (Pro Football Hall of Fame) bust (laughter)? I will hold my stance,” offensive coordinator Todd Haley said. “I am excited about a lot of the things that he is doing. Like I said, this week will be a real test. We will know a lot more come Sunday evening.”

So all kidding aside, Mayfield is making quite a good first impression on the Ravens and their head coach John Harbaugh.

“Very good. Really making plays. A very accurate passer,” Harbaugh said. “It looks like he has tremendous control of the offense. Does not look like a rookie. Making a number of big plays, especially downfield with his feet and his eyes. Just all positive. Really doing a great job controlling the offense. Very accurate. He is moving the ball. A lot of big plays. He is doing a nice job.”

Hopefully the high praise doesn’t get into Mayfield’s head on Sunday. The focus has to be on beating the tough Ravens defense and end a long losing streak at home to the hated division rival.

“You see guys that want to intimidate you. They are physical. On top of that, they can run,” Mayfield said. “They have guys that can do it all. It is going to be a good matchup for us.”

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