As many of you know, after an NFL franchise loses it’s starting quarterback, their season usually goes downhill from there. It’s understandable and while it may happen to the San Francisco 49ers, it doesn’t mean all hope should be given up.

While the 49ers may not be favored to go to the Super Bowl or even the playoffs anymore, what seemed like a tragedy could end up helping the franchise in the long run. Yes, the loss of Jimmy Garoppolo is terrible for such a promising organization. You can really feel the difference he makes when he is on the field. But instead of looking at this situation in a negative way, try looking ahead to the future.

Garoppolo is still a young quarterback in his prime. This one year may hurt right now but it could set the team up well for the long run. Now the 49ers are poised for a high draft pick. What does that mean? Well, it means the team can use this opportunity to reload on some of the holes they have across the roster.

Team Needs

Just like every other team in the league, the 49ers have many holes to fill. The biggest of which include a cornerback, wide receiver, and a pass rusher.

While the team does have Richard Sherman, they need to address the other corner spot on the roster. Ahkello Witherspoon has been up and down and looks best suited for a rotational role. At the wide receiver position, the team is lacking a true number one threat on the outside. They have the speed with Marquise Goodwin and the crisp route running from Dante Pettis but lack a big physical receiver on the outside.

The team has consistently failed to create any edge pressure throughout this season and last.  After taking a defensive lineman three of the past four years, the team is still looking for that number one pass rusher.

Free Agency

While the team might not finish the season strong, San Francisco is still a desirable place for free agents to land. With Garoppolo coming back and a young innovative head coach in Kyle Shanahan, the team looks good for the future. That makes the 49ers a very desirable place for free agents to go to. Plus, it helps that the 49ers are projected to have $69.2 million (according to space in cap to sign players.

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List free agents

Every year there is a big-name player who hits free agency and teams get into a bidding war over them. This year, the 49ers could be in that argument for some of the top players. While it is only the first quarter of the NFL season, many teams are still looking towards the potential free agency pool this upcoming offseason.

Of that pool are players like DeMarcus Lawrence, Ezekiel Ansah, Le’Veon Bell, LaMarcus Joyner, Earl Thomas, and Randall Cobb that the 49ers could be interested in. Of course, not all of these players will be available or of interest for the team but projecting forward from this moment these are the top free agents available now.

The Draft

Don’t forget about the draft. One of NFL’s most prized possessions, the NFL draft draws much intrigue on who your favorite team will draft.

From the looks of it, the 49ers look to be picking in the top ten of the 2019 NFL draft. This should lead to them looking at wide receiver D.K Metcalf, cornerback Greedy Williams, or a pass rusher like Brian Burns or Montez Sweat with that pick. (Note: I left off Nick Bosa from the list of edge rushers because he will be going top two so unless the 49ers have a top pick, he is likely out of contention for them). All of these players have intrigue around them and could fill a vital role for the team going forward.

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