Despite racking up yards, the Raiders continue to struggle on offense. Granted, your definition of that word could differ. However, when you can muster only 10 points versus a suspect secondary, a problem exists. Whether fans, players, and media want to admit this or not, Oakland cannot stop shooting itself in the foot on offense. As a result, the defense cannot pin their ears back and exclusively attack the pass.

Rookie Tackles

Sunday’s game proved to be a turning point in Oakland Raiders history. With Donald Penn presumably finished, the team turned to Brandon Parker at right tackle. While Parker did play fairly well in spots, his inexperience showed. First, he did not appear to finish every block with the same ferocity. In that case, an ends slipped by and pressured Carr, leading to a rushed throw. Over time, Parker and Kolton Miller could pan out. Now, Miller’s trial by fire will contain bumps and the occasional hiccup. Yet, the refinement and coaching of Tom Cable helped Miller shed his UCLA bad habits. Despite playing through a Grade II MCL sprain, Miller competed. If you cannot quantify skills, cannot label the amount of heart either.

Lack of Lynch

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For the second time in three weeks, the Raiders decided to forgo using Marshawn Lynch. Instead, Oakland chose to pass the ball. Derek Carr threw a backbreaking pick that snuffed out any life the Raiders had. After the game, Marshawn Lynch appears calm about it. Yet, you can tell, the seething started. Once you mention the Seahawks’ monumental gaffe in the Super Bowl, things look bleak inside the five. If the Raiders, specifically Jon Gruden, do not believe in Lynch, play Richard and Washington more. Lynch gains the tough yards. However, for him to be effective, he needs touches. In return, he wears down a defense, allowing the Oakland defense to rest. After the season, Lynch will probably explain his viewpoint. In addition, Jalen Richard saw time inside the ten.

Best and Worst

Sunday, the full Martavis Bryant experience unfolded. On the positive side, Bryant broke looses for three catches and 91 yards. However, one of the catches, the product of Bryant’s pass interference, led to a Bryant fumble. Within one play, fans saw what Mike Tomlin saw, in a snapshot. For all of the freakish ability, Bryant’s lapses can serves as costly reminders. Yet, his talents remain one that teams need to take a chance on.

In reality, the Raiders play inconsistent, maddeningly incomplete offense. Overall, their record is proof that they need either an overhaul or serious adjustment. With eleven games left, time draws short.

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