2019 Raiders Draft Profile: DE Nick Bosa

Oakland Raiders draft prospect Nick Bosa

2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Nick Bosa

Position: Defensive End

School: Ohio State University

Round Projection: Early First

Height: 6’4”

Weight: 268 pounds

Pass Rush

First, few ends at the collegiate level get home like Bosa. Not to mention, on a mental level, he appears hellbent on getting into the back. Yet, Bosa does not receive enough credit for his versatility. During his career in Columbus, he lined up at left/right end, and as a three-tech. Granted, playing tackle in passing downs may not seem impressive to some. However, for a 270-pound end with long limbs, sliding inside gives him an added dimension to attack blockers. By moving around, teams really could not gameplan for him on one side exclusively.

Run Stuffing

If an area exists where Bosa needs improvement, stopping the run falls into that category. While Bosa seems ready to engage the ball carrier, flaws exist. At times, his burst and penchant for roaring upfield causes backs to either bounce or slide off tackle attempts. Yet, this is more a technical adjustment rather than a talent one. At the next level, Bosa must learn to read the back and meet him sooner.


In reality, the two aspects of Bosa’s speed that are worth mentioning are his burst and closing speed. First, he times the snap with an instantaneous get off. Bosa’s first step is north and south. Next, when the quarterback slides within range, Bosa accelerates with long, fluid stride that cover yards in an eyeblink.


Blessed with sound upper body power, Bosa can generate force with his shoulders and back on the bull rush. Regardless of opposing tackle, he will try to bully them. In addition, given his frame, Bosa can safely add another 10 pounds and wreak havoc with power. While, he will need to add strength to his lower half, Bosa can initially exist on a burly torso.


Despite his size, Bosa bends the corner with absolute stunning efficiency. Once he gains the outside foot, he dips the inside shoulder. That is to say, if a tackle can see the “B” in his last name, he was beaten.


Somewhere, someone taught Bosa to handfight with wideout quickness. During a dead run, he can throw hands aside and win. If you notice the subtlety of his hands, you can see an evolution in technique. Meanwhile, Bosa did add an inside move to the arsenal. Moving forward, the bull, swim and rip should suit him well.



Although Bosa does practice sound drive and drag technique, two issues need attention. At times, he will tackle quarterbacks lower. While not malicious, rules prohibit low contact. In addition, Bosa will occasionally drop his bodyweight on a quarterback. Now, we know that the NFL uses a nebulous set of rules.

Raiders Fit

With a gaping hole in the pass rush left by Khalil Mack, Bosa could slide in to either end spot. With Paul Guenther’s scheme, and an improving Arden Key, Bosa would start immediately for the Raiders. If you can imagine a subpackage with Bosa, Hurst, Hall and Key on passing downs, that would solve many defensive issues.



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