We all saw it coming at some point this year when Drew Brees would move into first place in the record books, but not everyone saw it happening in such easy fashion as it did on Monday night against the supposedly number one ranked Redskins defense.

A defense that has played Arizona, Indy and Green Bay. Up until the New Orleans game, the Skins defense was not tested. They played well against a lackluster Cardinals defense, allowed 21 points from Andrew Luck and the Colts and took advantage of a dismantled Packers offense who’s quarterback was basically playing on one leg.

Then came Monday night, another prime time game for the Redskins to show not just their fans but the entire league that they were ready for this game. A new quarterback which was supposed to bring in a new environment on and off the field threw zero touchdowns and one interception in the 43-19 loss. For the record, Smith has just four touchdowns and two interceptions on the year.

Speaking of being ready, you’d expect a team to be ready as they had 15 days to prepare for a 3-1 New Orleans squad. You’d expect the coaches to have the guys mentally prepared for the game, or expect the team to put up more than just 19 points, hell you would expect a team to win. If you expected any of this, you were wrong.

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“I’m going to be honest, playing on Monday night is no different than playing on Sunday night for me. What’s different between Monday night and Sunday night? And 1 o’clock? It’s football. I don’t give a damn when we play,” Jonathan Allen after the game to the media.

The Skins need more of that mentality, not just from Allen, but from everyone. Washington had a perfect chance to extend their division lead and yet again they failed to do so. No team in the NFC East got a victory in Week 5.

Don’t place all the blame on one guy though. It was team loss, a brutal team loss, but a loss nonetheless. If there was ever silver lining it would be that Washington (2-2) is still in first place in the NFC East ahead of Dallas (2-3), Philly (2-3) and New York (1-4).

The other good news, if there is any, Washington won’t face another quarterback like Drew Brees. Washington will face another tough quarterback this upcoming week against Cam Newton.

Newton is mobile and he can throw the ball anywhere he wants on the field. The Redskins have previous trouble keeping mobile QB’s contained during a game so this doesn’t bode well for the Redskins defense.

In our weekly schedule predictions for the Skins, I had them going into this game 3-1, they are 2-2. I also had them losing to Carolina in a tough battle 28-21 and after watching the Redskins efforts these first four games, I will stick with that prediction having them fall to 2-3 after five games.

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