It was a forgettable performance. The Falcons got absolutely dominated by the Pittsburgh Steelers 41-17 on a day where nothing went right for the reeling Falcons. The offense, defense, and special teams laid a giant egg on the field and looked totally lost out there.

What’s Defense?

The Falcons defense played like absolute puke for the third week in a row as they looked completely lost out there. The secondary turned to swish cheese, the pass rush was non-existent, and no one could make a tackle on third down. Literally nobody. The defense kept putting the Steelers in third and longs just to keep throwing up their lunch and miss tackles. Seriously, how is that grown men in PROFESSIONAL football can’t make a tackle. A basic thing taught in middle school appears to be not with this team what so ever. Also, I better not see Dan Quinn in those NFL tackling commericals ever again.

Not So Special Teams

They say special teams can turn the tides in a game but it sure didn’t help today. Matt Bryant played like his usual self but everyone played awfully. Matt Bosher had a punt blocked which summarized the Falcons that entire day. Both kick and punt returns did nothing all game or all season as a matter a fact. Specials teams coach Keith Armstrong has done nothing and probably will do nothing but will be kept around for some reason.

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Just Plain Bad

This team played like absolute crap. No way around it as this team played like puke in every facet of the game against Pittsburgh. The offense couldn’t score on a corner girl, the defense couldn’t stop a nosebleed, and the coaching was terrible. Dan Quinns’ “Next Man Up” mentality has done nothing but killed the team so far and is one of the main reasons the defense is a dumpster fire. The hot seat for DQ gets hotter every week for him and it could set him on fire sooner rather than later as its known that owner Arthur Blank is concerned with the team so far.

Final Falcon Word

The Bucs from Tampa roll into Atlanta next week for a showdown of two reeling teams. I’d love to be optimistic but this defense looks like absolute doo doo and its be proven that the offense can’t save the defense even if they put up near 40 points. If we don’t beat the Bucs next week the season is over without a doubt.

I hope you enjoyed this article and remember to always RISE UP!

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