2019 Raiders Draft Profile

Name: N’Keal Harry

Position: WR

School: Arizona State University

Height: 6’3”

Weight: 212 pounds

Projected Round: 1


When you roll the gamefilm, Harry thrived on the traffic catches. Whether a defender holds or bodies him, Harry can make the grab. When he does, he will stab at the ball with strength. Despite his size, Harry can snare the ball at the waist, above his head and at the ground. In addition, strength plays a role. When Harry secures the ball, corners will usually fail to dislodge it.


Despite not possessing blazing speed, Harry compensates with long strides. Similar to many big receivers, Harry can cover the yardage with his running style. However, he must improve his stride with a consistent gait. On deep passes, there appears to be a lag in the step pattern. With sound coaching, Harry alleviates the technique issue.

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Route Tree

Due to his frame and dominance, Harry ran mostly basic patterns. With the fade, he could go backshoulder with ease. Moreover, in the redzone, he could win with the standard fade. On the slant, Harry will box out the corner with his frame. Teams need to know that he requires quality coaching from the first moment. Due to his physicality, screens could also factor in for Harry.


Perhaps no other area of Harry’s skill set or traits stands out more. Harry possesses otherworldly body control. For instance, he can reach across his body, make the grab, and get feet down in bounds. Alternatively, he will elevate over defenders and snatch the ball away. Usually, bigger wideouts lack the dexterity and limberness to contort in bounds to make grabs. Harry uses this gift to compensate for poorly thrown balls, overthrows and sideline passes.

Raiders Fit

In Jon Gruden’s offense, Harry could give the Raiders what they lack, a credible red zone threat. Matching up against corners down there will always favor Harry. Despite his size, he will snake into a soft spot in the zone and find an opening. Derek Carr can lob the ball up with the surety of knowing that the receiver will fight to catch it. When was the last time the Raiders could say that? In the last few years, only Michael Crabtree could claim that. Harry, along with Amari Cooper would give the Raiders an explosive pair of receivers that could actually finish in the redzone.


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