The Washington Redskins suffered an embarrassing loss at the hand of the New Orleans Saints on Monday. Fans are angry and they don’t know who to blame. So the questioned was posed, “Who is more at fault in the devastating loss to the New Orleans Saints? The offense or defense?”

The Full Press Coverage (Redskins) staff came up with their answers on this question and surprisingly, not everyone agrees.

Ian Cummings

If I had to choose, I’d say the offense. They had a favorable match-up against a banged up Saints’ secondary, and they had multiple opportunities to swipe momentum away from the Saints in the first half. Every time, however, they came up short. Alex Smith was off. The offensive line was brutally bad. If this keeps up, it could be a long year.

George Carmi

Many will claim that the Redskins offense didn’t do enough to win the game on Monday night. This is true. But you have to blame the defense here. The highest scoring offense in the league, the Los Angeles Rams, average 34.6 points per game. Even if we produced that output, we would have lost by more than a touchdown.

Mike Thomas was running free all night and Greg Manusky was clearly outclassed. Drew Brees had 200 yards midway through the second quarter. The defense looked lost and bewildered.

Also, the Saints did not punt the ball ALL GAME. The last time the Redskins did not hold an opponent to a punt was 1962. A period in which John F. Kennedy was still our president.

Adding further insult, the Saints closed the game on a 10:20 drive to put us out of our misery. Yuck. Our defensive players tend to vent their frustration to the local media when they lose. They need to start looking in the mirror.

Wesley Tate

The Defense. How do you let the opposing team score every time they touch the ball?!!! I don’t get it. How is a receiver who played 2 snaps in the NFL get that wide open?! Where was the pass rush, Manusky? The linebackers seemed lost. The secondary blew assignments! Why was Josh Norman benched?! I can’t keep reliving this game. It’s making me sick.

Jack Brizendine

The offense definitely takes most of the blame. They couldn’t run on the Saints D and their suspect line was getting constant pressure on Smith. Smith was also terrible, missing wide open throws during key situations. The Redskins needed the most from their offense in order to win on Monday night, and it just couldn’t get the job done.

Alan Lepore

Jay Gruden needs to be fired, that’s my hot take. He had 15 days to get his guys ready and they came out like they didn’t care.  He was out-coached and clearly does not have what it takes to coach when the lights are bright.

JW Gravley

A team had 15, yes 15 days to not only be ready for Monday Night but to extend their lead in the NFC East which is now showing to be a dumpster fire early on.

So, who’s to blame? The whole damn team. From top to bottom. I, along with most of every single Redskins’ fan, are tired of mediocrity and lackluster performances when games matter.

I’ll make this simple. Winning draws fans. Winning brings championships. It’s time for the Redskins to win. If that doesn’t happen now, then Gruden, along with others need to be looking for a new job in 2019.



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