2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Clelin Ferrell

Position: DE/Edge

School: Clemson

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 260 pounds

Round Projection: First



After the snap, Ferrell attempts to gain the shoulder. That is to say, he will dip the inside arm and attempt to force the blocker to make a decision. The tackle can try either a wider step or quicker punch. With Ferrell, what helps him are his long arms. Immediately, he can prevent a tackle from burrowing into his chest. In addition, Ferrell can use an effective rip move to disengage. Not to mention, the swim remains a viable option in many circumstances.

Run Stuffing

Although Ferrell serves primarily as an edge rusher, he will get his nose dirty. Against the run, Ferrell slides down the line and will split a double team to make a play on the ball. Also, despite his first urge, Ferrell will string out sweeps and tosses that delay a ballcarrier from getting downfield. At the next level, he must use his athleticism more efficiently against the run.


From the start, Ferrell wants the corner. In his stride upfield, he uses a gliding, less choppy technique. On the other hand, with the quarterback in his sight, Ferrell finishes with a burst. Granted, Ferrell will not blur by a blocker, but will finish the play.


If one area of immediate improvement exists, strength is it. Ferrell needs to add anywhere from ten to fifteen pounds. In addition, this weight needs to distribute over his frame. During high school, Ferrell tore an ACL. As a result, a little more muscle could greatly assist him. Moreover, when he does not get the jump on tackles, some can ride him out of a play.


Like most rushers, Ferrell fixates on the strip sack. However, where he improved was the ability to gather grasp and finish. With the league rules prohibiting much of any “kill shot” hits, Ferrell will still smack a passer within the rules. Additionally, his wingspan gives him a wide tackle range in either the open field or close quarters.

Raiders Fit

In reality, Bruce Irvin’s transition to defensive end appears to be a bit of a failure. With little to no move variety, tackles envelop him. On the other hand, Ferrell brings his entire toolbox to the game. If Oakland lines him up as a bookend to Arden Key, they could roll out a pair of young pass rushers with upside. Plus, Ferrell possesses experience from rushing standing up as well. The Raiders rank near the bottom in most, if not all pass rush categories. Adding Ferrell will give them a Day 1 starter. The investment in PJ Hall and Maurice Hurst would benefit. If Ferrell and/or Key evolve into a force, teams will double them. In that case, the interior would eat as well.



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