Routing the Jaguars 40-7, the Dallas Cowboys offense took fans back two years. They would be +17 in time of possession, converting 23 first downs, and ending the night with 206 rushing yards in total. Though they would give up three sacks, Dallas was able to finish the game with no turnovers and only three penalties for 25 yards.

A disciplined, dominating performance that began in the trenches on both sides, the defense came ready as well and as explosive on the season. Allowing only 204 yards, the Cowboys defense would finish the night with a trio of sacks and pair of turnovers. For Jourdan Lewis, he would be starting in place of the injured Chidobe Awuzie and maximized his chances.

Falling back on the depth chart, Lewis has had a tough going since training camp. However, the NFL is a business and cutthroat league, so feelings are spared and whenever a number is called, they better contribute. If anyone has understood that, it’s been Lewis and he’s reminding every one of the talent he is.

Video provider Matt Waldman eventually corrected himself after posting this, but watch how quickly Lewis closes on Dede Westbrook as soon as he reads the ball being thrown there.

Much wasn’t made for Dallas DBs to be highlighted in the passing game. Holding Blake Bortles and company to just 139 yards on 58% completion percentage should say enough on that end. Although, for a second straight week Lewis finds himself recovering a fumble.

An encouraging performance for Lewis and fans to not forget the contribution he can make for this team. As the team pays close attention to Chido nursing his ankle, they should feel safe in knowing Jourdan seems hungry for his moments. Dallas now heads back on the road to FedEx Field, in what should be a telling matchup against their division rival Washington Redskins.

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