Offensive Titan of the Week

This should come as no surprise to you, but there is no offensive Titan of the week. Fellow writers and I joked around that maybe we should make Mariota the offensive Titan of the week. Only because he just kept getting back up. The offense was abysmal, there was no passing attack, no rushing attack, literally nothing. No one warranted being named OTOTW. Let’s talk about some good, bad and ugly.

The Good

If you came here expecting to read something good about Tennessee’s last game, you won’t. There is not enough whiskey in Tennessee to get me to provide a single compliment on the atrocity I watched. Yeah, Mariota completed 10/15 for 117 yards. Too bad he got sacked 11 times for a total of 66 yards lost. There was no room to do anything offensively. I guess I lied, there is something good that came out of the Ravens game. The only good thing that happened was that Mariota didn’t get hurt from being sacked 11 times. We can be thankful for that and move on.

The Bad

The bad, well that’s easy. Everything was terrible in this game. The offensive line was awful, the receivers were horrible, the running backs were non-existent. The coaching was dreadful, the game plan was abominable, the Titans did a slipshod job on Sunday. There is no way around it, it was a lousy performance. On the bright side, there’s no way the Titans will play any worse than that, right?

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The Ugly

If you have a random person look at the box score of this game, they’ll come to a quick observation. Give up 11 sacks in one game? I still don’t quite know the answer to that question. The Titans offensive line was supposed to be the least of its worries entering the season. Naturally, after that performance, we can say it is an area of concern again. Did the offensive line stay up too late? Did Mariota do something to piss them off in practice? Do they just not like Mariota? These are all ridiculous statements meant to further cement lack of understanding. The offensive line isn’t all to blame though, mostly, but not all.

Through 6 games so far, the Titans have only scored 87 points.  That number is just ahead of two teams. The Buffalo Bills and the Arizona Cardinals have scored 76 and 82 respectively. If the Titans want to be competitive for the rest of this season, the offense has to figure this thing out. The receivers need to start creating separation and can we please have a running back do something productive.

The Titans will rip your heart out, and then surgically repair it just when you think it’s all over. The Titans can bounce back from this. How soon? That remains to be seen, it doesn’t get easier going against the Chargers this week in London.

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