Before I begin, thoughts and prayers to the Allen family!

Well well well, we are finally here! The beginning of the new NBA season, full of optimism and confidence in your team’s abilities and the pay off that your front office has put tireless months in, to see the finished product.

Although many teams deal with the common bumps getting to this point whether it’s injuries or not finding the rhythm as a unit, I speak for all assets of the product like Players, coaches, fans, and media when I say, let’s do this.

In my last two articles, I have shined on three players coming into the year. All three, White, Murray and Walker, all have been injured. The countless rituals and rabbit feet and four-leaf leaf clovers I have stuffed all over my home to some may be intense, but hey, anything for San Antonio, am I right?

I don’t know, maybe being a Conor McGregor fan, the luck of the Irish didn’t wipe off on me. Lord knows. What I do know is, The Spurs still have something to put on the floor that gives them a chance to win every single night.

Don’t count out San Antonio

While I believe this current roster isn’t the finished product we will see come February. This is still a unit that if they can find their rhythm, can be somewhat interesting and fun to watch and most importantly, competitive.

With the injuries to all three of the Spurs guards, we will see a slower lineup then what they’d like.  One I assume that will put more experience and attention to ball movement and spacing than we’ve seen in years past.

Have to get a good start to the season.

The Spurs are normally a team that doesn’t really take time to start clicking on all cylinders. For a while now, due to the same core being intact for a while, regardless of age, the coaching and chemistry was never an issue for this team.

The Spurs have never really been an active team in free agency nor in the Trade Market, but due to the events that happened during the season (You know who) and who they lost (You know who, and Kyle Anderson, Tony, Manu) this year has been a little different.

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You have two players in DeRozan & Poeltl who might take a little to gel with everyone. Aldridge, struggled at the beginning of his tenure with the Spurs, I bring that up due to the fact they have a very similar game. It’ll be a huge thing to watch for as the year goes on.

Jakob Poeltl will be playing big minutes for this team. As someone who’s game is similar to Pau Gasol, not saying he’s a Hall of Famer, but he will need to improve his rim protection and develop more of an outside scoring game, to help with spacing. Pau Gasol, has been a beneficial piece to our team with developing his three point shot, but the rim protection and defense isn’t all there.

What do the Spurs do at point guard? Any moves you could see?

Unless the belief in Bryn Forbes is that he can be a serviceable point guard, they’ve got to be thinking of a power move. Personally, for the guard position, I feel as if the Spurs need to bring in familiar face. Not necessarily Nando De Colo, but more of a Cory Joseph (price might be high for a good backup PG) I wouldn’t mind Patrick Beverley, DJ Augustin, Emmanuel Mudiay or even Ricky Rubio.

Anyone of that stature, but the funny thing is, Rubio is in the last year of his contract, I haven’t read or heard anything that he is leaning to re-sign. While he does have a high cap hit, he would be a very serviceable point guard and one that could really be beneficial to the Spurs and could be worth that one year rental.

Interesting, but I’m not sure how deep the Spurs want to look and give up in order to get a point guard, because at the end of the day both White and Walker will be out for around two months. While that is a nice chunk of time, there’s still plenty of ball left in the year for potentially a one-year rental.

The Spurs in the past haven’t shown to be very active in the free agent and trade markets, but like I said, this organization and team might be turning in a different direction, while the years go by, Coach Pop isn’t going to get any younger. Let’s not waste his time here as well. He’s taken care of San Antonio, very well.

For the time being, how does this lineup look?

I believe the lineup will look something like this for the time being. Now, before you read this, take into consideration, DeMar DeRozan is a great passer. Something that is more than underrated about his game is the phenomenal court vision he possesses as well as the ability to suck the defense in and kick it out (I see you, King James!).

I don’t see the Spurs moving Patty Mills into the starting lineup, his importance on the second unit is way too high for this team. This maybe not the best unit either, like I said, we lost a lot of athleticism and defense and I believe the lineup will look something like this for the time being.

PG- DeMar DeRozan
SG- Rudy Gay
SF- Davis Bertrans
PF- LaMarcus Aldridge
C- Pau Gasol

PROJECTED W-L 10/17-10/20

VS Timberwolves: W 107-93. I believe the Timberwolves right now are a mess, I don’t think they are very well coached unit either. I think the Spurs will take it to them the first night of their season. Although, a win for Minnesota, would be great for headlines. Jimmy Butler doing his best Kylo Ren impression by destroying the family. Love you though Jimmy, Carne Guisada on me!

VS Portland: L 102-98 I think the more explosive and athletic offensive unit and the sneaky good defensive unit will give the Spurs trouble, San Antonio will be able to bounce back and give them a fight. In the end, Dame Time prevails in a close one. He has the best name ever, by the way, it’s spelt wrong though.

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