First and foremost, Washington needs stop Zeke. This means in all facets. Not only does he have 587 yards rushing on the season (5.0 YPC), he’s second on the team with receptions at 23. If you had a chance to watch the Texans game then you saw that Zeke had a 34 yard reception that broke the back of Houston and put the Cowboys in field goal range to win the game.

Washington will need to make things hard for him. He’s one of those front-runner types, when he gets on a roll he wants to Dallas to “feed him”. When he’s stuffed repeatedly he has his head down.

Contain Dak

Secondly, Washington will need to collapse the pocket and contain Dak Prescott. He’s not the type of quarterback to pick you apart with his passing, but instead, he thrives on broken plays and using his legs to create and extend plays. Typically he scrambles and looks for an open receiver, and unfortunately that’s when he connects.

Prescott’s legs are what usually can and will devastate a defense and build momentum for the Cowboys. Slow him down, pressure him, frustrate him. But most importantly, keep him between the tackle box.

Possession Time

Thirdly, steal Possessions. Washington has very similar offensive game plan to the Cowboys now. This means, both aim to run the ball, try to dominate time of possession, and operate each others offense from the inside out. Their slot receiver, Cole Beasley is their leading receiver, and Zeke is right behind him. Very similar to the Redskins’ Chris Thompson, Jamison Crowder, and Jordan Reed dynamic.

The Redskins will need to prevent Dallas from dictating the pace of the game and dominating the clock. That’s what they (Dallas) want. They want to pound the ball with Zeke and control the game. Therefore, Washington needs to beat them at their own game and hold onto the ball. Long, sustained drives would go a long way to a victory on Sunday. Keep Dallas off the field. This also goes for being on the plus side in turnover differential as well.

Final Prediction

In my weekly Redskins schedule predictions I had the Skins sitting at 3-2, with losses to Green Bay and Carolina … thankfully I was wrong. I also had them losing to Dallas in Week 7 but after forcing turnovers and playing soundly against Carolina and seeing how depleted the Jags are, I am going to give the edge to the Redskins and they move to 4-2 on the season.

Win for Rich. Rest easy big guy. You will be missed my friend.


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