2019 Raiders Draft Prospect Profile

Name: Josh Allen

Position: LB/DE

School: Kentucky

Height: 6’5”

Weight: 255 pounds

Draft Projection: First Round



Despite Allen’s elongated frame, he delivers a solid strike to the ballcarrier. In watching his film, you can easily see that Allen gathers himself a split second before impact. As a result, he delivers a solid jolt to the ballcarrier and either stops the momentum or dislodges the ball. To the point, Allen forced eight fumble in 169 tackles.


Over the course of his career, Allen gained muscle. After weighing in the 230-235 range, Allen put on effective mass. Granted, he must begin to use his newly found power wisely. Granted, discarding blocks from receivers, tight ends, and running backs should not affect him. Yet, facing tackles and guards should see him occasionally use strength.


There are two ways to judge Allen. First, dropping into coverage, and turning to trail, Allen can stay with tight ends and backs. Lastly, when rushing, Allen uses an outside step and burst to win versus lineman. In addition, cutting across the field to meet the play, Allen shows good acceleration.


Whether standing up or rushing, Allen quick hands and quicks stand out. Moreover, he can plant and turn in coverage like smaller linebackers. Despite his newly gained weight, Allen still shifts his weight to cover ground.


With the ability to play multiple positions, Allen brings a hunger to just play. Moreover, he will track a play down backside or through traffic.


In the intermediate routes, working back to short areas, Allen flows well. However, his backpedal does appear loose and disjointed. With time, he will learn to trust his gait and use his gifts.

Pass Rush

Right now, Allen screams off the edge with a chop, above average rip and spin. However, his hand placement and rip, due to his long arms will be his bread and butter at the next level. If Allen wants a quality swim, he will need to get the quick jump and corresponding hand movement down faster. Under tutelage, Allen will expand his toolbox immediately.

Raiders Fit

The Raiders lack a playmaker with versatility. Allen fits the bill. The Raiders can line him up as a 4-3 end on obvious passing downs. Meanwhile, he could serve as an excellent outside linebacker. Given that Oakland lost their cornerstone defender, Allen slightly softens the blow. With speed and the ability to make splash play as well as the basic ones, he could fit plans.


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