How Is Tyrod Taylor Handling Another Backup Quarterback Role?

Tyrod Taylor
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Tyrod Taylor is used to having the title of backup quarterback. He held that distinction for the majority of his NFL career.

From playing behind Joe Flacco with the Baltimore Ravens to being benched in favor of Nathan Peterman in 2017 with the Buffalo Bills, backup quarterback and Taylor go together like a hand in a glove.

The trade to the Cleveland Browns in March was a shot in the arm literally for the 29-year old Taylor. The Browns saw Taylor as the starting quarterback for 2018. The plan was for Taylor to be the starter and allow the eventual quarterback of the quarterback to sit and learn from the sidelines.

The plan was going according to the script until the second quarter of game three of the season. Taylor suffers a concussion in addition to struggling to move the offense. Taylor is out and number one overall pick Baker Mayfield is in.

We all know what happens after that. Mayfield pumps life into the offense and guides the Browns to its first win since week 16 of the 2016 season. The keys to the offense are passed to Mayfield. Taylor is the back up once again. What’s old is new again.

“Taking it day by day,” Taylor said. “Helping the team anyway I can, giving the defense a good look and also helping myself physically, mentally to continue to keep getting better.”

Taylor is being a professional about the situation, at least in front of the media and the general public. There is a golden rule that a quarterback should not lose his starting job due to injury. However, the job Mayfield has done since draft night warranted the discussion to break the golden rule on this occasion.

“It is frustrating, but it is a part of the game at the same time,” Taylor said. “Eight years in, you understand some things happen that you can’t control. Not wanting to complain, just have to continue to keep being myself day in and day out. This is a different role, but I am here to offer as much knowledge, as well as just trying to share my view point of things, that can help the defense or offense.”

“He is the same guy every day,” Mayfield said. “That is exactly why this franchise brought him here. They have known what they were getting out of him, and he has never failed that. It is awesome to have him there, but he was the same guy when he was starting, as well.”

So what does the future hold for Taylor. The opportunity to play again isn’t likely unless Mayfield gets hurt. Could a trade be in the work before the October 30 NFL trade deadline?

“No. None,” head coach Hue Jackson said. “Until someone tells me something differently (laughter). He is our backup quarterback.”

“I really have not thought about it,” Taylor said. “Of course, I love to compete and I want to be out there playing, but I have not thought about those opportunities. It really has not been a part of my mindset. Just more so have been focusing on getting better each and every day. Those things happen in the league.”

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