Nobody could have predicted the injury-riddled season the Atlanta Falcons have been presented with to start this season. A team built with so much promise is now at the cusps of being an early out for the playoff race.

The Falcons need to find someone who can play the strong safety position because Jordan Richards has been underwhelming. If we do hear anything about Richards, it’s typically not for a good reason. The Falcons have tried to make it work after losing Keanu Neal for the season with an ACL injury.

Karl Joseph should be on the Falcons radar as we approach the trade deadline.

Why Karl Joseph?

It’s simple, he’s a proven starter who is currently on the outs with Raiders head coach Jon Gruden. The Falcons need the help desperately as the defense has given up 37.5 points per game over the last four games.

Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer reports:

“They already traded Khalil Mack. Very controversial. Now they are looking to shop Karl Joseph, their first-round pick from two years ago. [They] called all around the league on him.”

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Add Joseph with Pro Bowl middle linebacker Deion Jones who returns in week 11 and the defense could be salvaged. Having Deion Jones back, who is one of the best coverage linebackers in the NFL makes life easier for everyone. Jones can single handily take any running back out of the game and pairing him with Joseph is the closest thing to Keanu Neal again.

The point of Deion Jones returning is critical because the defense will almost be pieced together again. It won’t be as glamorous as we would like but it will be a hell of a lot better than it is today.

What Would It Take?

Jordan Richards cost the Falcons a 7th round pick. Joseph will cost more than that, I’d say at the very least a 5th round pick. Dan Quinn and Thomas Dimitroff have spent a 5th round pick on subpar players in the past, I don’t see why they wouldn’t for a player who can make a difference immediately.

Another alternative is to offer Duke Riley and a conditional draft pick for Joseph. The Falcon’s were reacquainted with linebacker Jermaine Grace on Wednesday, which could push Riley’s snap count down even further.

It’s unrealistic to believe the Falcons will find a contributor in the 5th round like Karl Joseph. It’s something they should not wait around on if they actually believe they are super bowl contenders.

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