Earlier today, the question was posed to me  “Is Jerry Jones the Most Hated Cowboy Right Now?”

And I had to sit back and reflect for a minute. Was he? Do I really hate the owner of my most despised sports team? Was he public enemy number one? And I finally came to the conclusion. No.

Jerry is a lot of things, but you can’t deny that he is a great owner. He created a great brand, and one of the more premier stadiums in the world. I truly wish FedEx rivaled AT&T Stadium, and that we had any semblance of a facility to compare to the “The Star”. Those facilities are grade “A” all the way. It’s funny that despite these things, the Cowboys produce a mediocre product on the field (sorry I’m biased).

So who is my most hated Cowboy? You will have to read on to see. And I’m curious to hear of yours as well. So feel free to comment after reading.

Public Enemy Number One

To me, Ezekiel Elliott is my most hated Cowboy. He embodies everything I don’t like, and have never liked, about the Cowboys. It’s that bravado, confidence, and unwarranted swag that drives me crazy.

Unfortunately, that’s just the way the Cowboys are. Growing up,  I would watch Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders, and other Dallas players literally dance every time they made a small impact on the game. They would whine when things went wrong, and make the game all about themselves. Those are Cowboy traits. 

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Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott receive game balls for their part in a victory over the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football.(Aguliar/Getty)

Ezekiel Elliott is a true Cowboy. It is now a “Zeke” tradition for us to see him in pregame wearing a belly-shirt. Or if he breaks off a long gain, we must keep “feeding him”. But have you ever seen him when he gets shutdown? SILENT.  He sits and sulks on the bench. Definition of a front-runner.

Maintaining Tradition

Cowboy players are also known for having a checkered past. Whether it’s delivering pounds of drugs/weapons to Mexico (Sam Hurd, Leon Lett), Child Abuse (Greg Hardy) or Obstruction of Justice (Le’onel Collins), they generally aren’t good guys. And Zeke falls into that category as well with his Domestic Violence case. Zeke embodies the Cowboy motto. And I’m not with it.

Finally, from a football perspective he’s their best player. And if you are a true Redskin fan, you want the Cowboys to lose. Could you imagine if Zeke just “fell off”? How good would that feel? Let’s say he never broke the 1000 yard mark again, and he starts averaging 3.0 YPC. Cowboys fans would be ashamed and embarrassed. God that would feel so good. I’d imagine that’s how they felt when RG3 went down. He’s their chosen one. And that’s makes him most hated to me.

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