The Colts had an amazing game Sunday as they bullied their way to a 37-5 win over the Derek Anderson led Bills. This was an all around almost perfect game for the Colts who desperately needed this win.


This week there were a lot of studs for the Colts, but I am going to narrow it down to three along with some honorable mentions. The three honorable mentions are players who are all around studs every week and still balled out and sealed the victory for the Colts. Star rookie linebacker Darius Leonard is by far the first honorable mention as he was able to tally up 17 total tackles, a pass deflection, and a fumble recovery to help pad his “DROY” resume.
Andrew Luck also had arguably the most relaxed win of his career as he only had to throw 23 attempts completing 17 of them compared to his average 43 pass attempts from weeks 1-5. Luck had enough time in the pocket to throw for 156 yards and 4 touchdowns to lead his team to the best win of the year by far.

The Colts offensive line looked like an absolute unit as they allowed zero sacks not only this past game against the Bills but over the past eleven quarters this season. Not only did the Colts’ offensive line not allow a sack, but they also only allowed five tackles for loss allowing the Colts’ three-headed monster of a running back group to rush for a combined 220 yards and one touchdown.

Yes, those were just the honorable mentions, there are certain players now that showed extreme value in this dominant win over the Bills. Strong Safety Mike Mitchell who was signed just a week and a half ago after both of the Colts’ strong safeties went down with injury’s in New England. Mitchell played amazing achieving a total of seven tackles, two pass deflections, one forced fumble and an interception making him a vital part in this huge win for the Colts.

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T.Y. Hilton made his return after missing two games and was also an amazing player for the Colts in this win. Hilton was able to get open for four receptions in his four targets for 25 yards and two touchdowns giving the Colts their star receiver back. Having Hilton back seemed to help the entire Colts’ receiving core as instead of another game of record drops, the Colts’ receivers had zero drops through all four quarters.
The final spotlight is for a man every single Colt fan should be ecstatic to have back, 2017 fourth round pick Marlon Mack who gave the Colts’ running game life again as he was able to turn the burners on for 126 rushing yards on nineteen attempts and a touchdown. He was effective in the passing game, getting two receptions for 33 yards and a touchdown.
Knowing that moving on this season the Colts can have a productive running game, something that they have desperately needed for all the weeks that Marlon Mack has been out, is great. Overall, it was an amazing day for the Colts and they have huge momentum heading to Oakland in week seven.


The Colts were almost perfect against the Bills, almost. Luckily, I don’t have to talk about the Colts drops because there were none. Sadly there were a couple flaws when rewatching the game. The main flaw sadly was the injured G.O.A.T Adam Vinatieri who went two for four on extra points and two for two field goals, cutting his nine-point deficit for breaking the all-time points record to five points.
Defensive lineman Margus Hunt has a great five games leading up to the Jets game that he missed after an injury in the game against the Patriots. In this game, he only had one tackle and one tackle for loss and even dropped an easy interception which could have been a pick 6. Overall it was a bad game for Hunt but hopefully, he can bounce back next week in Oakland.
Finally, it was a poor performance from stud tight end Eric Ebron who leads all tight ends in touchdowns but really didn’t perform in this win over the Bills. He only had three catches on seven targets for thirty-one yards against an ok Bills defense. Hopefully next week in Oakland these three players can bounce back and possibly join the “Stud” category while helping the Colts get another crucial win before heading into the bye!

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