With the Colts on the schedule for Sunday, and the Raiders coming off a bye, plenty of quotes exist. As a result, the quote translator remains fired up and ready to roll.


“We’re diagnosing everything,” Gruden said last week. “Not only the plays we’ve called, the players we’ve used, the situations we’ve had. We’re working hard to solidify this roster every day and improve ourselves and get the right people on the field. Those are decisions that we are looking at. We’re going to continue to try to develop our young players. We’re going to stay on the gas pedal and go as hard as we can.”

Translation: Although Gruden spent years behind a microphone, he struggles with coachspeak. If the Raiders took until a 1-5 record to begin for evaluation, something very wrong occurred. By mentioning “the right people” on the field, the topic of Reggie Nelson arises. Why does he still play? If you administered truth serum to coordinators, they would tell you they look to exploit Nelson.

Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones, on the Amari Cooper rumors.

“If you had an opportunity and it makes sense, that’s hard to do at this juncture, to bring in a position that needs the coordination that you have to have with the quarterback,”

In reality, Jerry Jones continues to waste the young talent, assembled in Dallas. As a result, he could see a trade for Amari Cooper as a cure-all. If you look at the roster, Dallas does not boast one outside wideout close to Cooper. For either a first or second, Jones could want to move Cooper before the start of next season, if not sooner.

Jalen Richard, on worrying.

“I try to talk to the guys, and make sure nobody is really worrying,” Richard said. “To me, shoot, we got food and we got water at the house, so there’s nothing to worry about. Definitely it’s a high focus on trying to turn this thing around, and like I said, using this bye week to our advantage to just clear our minds, come back ready to compete, and just have fun, and play ball. You gotta go out there and just have fun and continue to compete, we can’t just let anybody do us the way Seattle did this past weekend, it just can’t happen.”

From an undrafted rookie to respected veteran, Richard continues to evolve. While some focused on the beginning, they key jewel resided at the end. With Richard conveyed frustration at the Seattle loss, which shows fight. Regardless of whatever atrocious record compiled this year, players like Jalen Richard want to continue the battle.


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